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Benoit Book Review


Benoit Book Review
(c) 2007 ECW Press

The Bottom Line

Being the first doesn't mean being the best. I've read dozens of books about wrestling and I can confidently say that this is BY FAR the worst book I've read. It is also a rip off. I compared the print size of this book to Jericho's book. Page 136 of this book has only 241 words compared to Jericho's which has 409 words. That is a whopping 41% difference in words per page. I give you the strongest recommendation to avoid this book and as a matter of principal won't even provide a link to buy it because I don't want to be blamed for you getting hosed.


  • None


  • More like a pamphlet in size than a book
  • Book came out way to early (no mention of concussions)
  • Two of the five essays are way too similar to be included in the same book


  • Greg Oliver (1&2) is an author of the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame Series
  • Heath McCoy (3) is the author of Pain & Passion: The History of Stampede Wrestling
  • Steve Johnson (4) is an author of the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame series.
  • Irvin Muchnick (5) is the author of Wrestling Babylon

Guide Review - Benoit Book Review

The book is composed of five essays by four writers. The first chapter is about Benoit's wrestling career. That is followed by a 7 page recap of his title wins and losses. It's not 7 pages because of all the wins he has but it is that big because of the format used. In reality, a legitimate book would have condensed this to either one or two pages. The next essay is a brief look at Nancy.

Essay 3 is a look back at Chris's career again. While it starts out as a focus on his Stampede Wrestling era, it quickly becomes a rehash of essay 1.

Essay 4 looks at the media coverage and how the press blew the story. Ironically, everything said bad about the media can be said about this book because as they claim that the media ran to judgment about the cause of death, this book went to print without the word concussion in it.

Essay 5 is a rambling diatribe about the death culture in the business. Like the author's previous works, the author plays loose with the facts to make his points. His wrestling writing career seems to be about how Vince profits from the death of his wrestlers. It must be mentioned that he has another book about Benoit coming out soon.

As far as the size of the book, the actual essays run from pages 11 - 157. 21 pages of the book have either a full-page picture or are blank.

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