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Adam Copeland on Edge

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Adam Copeland on Edge

Edge's Autobiography

(c) 2005 Simon & Schuster

The Bottom Line

This book was written Edge was out of the sport with a severe neck injury. The book was written at a major crossroads of his life. What started off as a really great book ends with the reader wanting a lot more. When the book was written, his career was in severe jeopardy. Since the release of the book, the most interesting events in his career happened.
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  • Written by Edge and not a ghost writer
  • Some incredibly funny stories of his days wrestling on the Canadian Indy circuit
  • A revealing look at the punishment that a wrestler must put their body through
  • Does not insult others to make himself look good


  • Book was written too early in his career
  • Once he reaches the WWE, the autobiography turns into a match and feud recap


  • This book is written by Edge without the help of a ghost writer.
  • It was written while he was recovering from neck surgery a few years ago.
  • The book is available in both paper back and hard cover.
  • This review is of the hard cover edition.

Guide Review - Adam Copeland on Edge

The book tells a great story of a man that gave his all to fulfill his dream. The difficulty he went through to attain his goals are in inspiration to others. He also gave a great insight into the physical punishment and grueling schedule a WWE star goes through.
The first half of this book details his life growing up and in the Canadian wrestling scene. He got his first break by writing a letter in a contest to get into wrestling school for free. One of his buddies started wrestling a few years later. That friend is known as Christian Cage today. While wrestling on the Canadian circuit, he became friends with other future WWE stars including Rhyno and Val Venis. At this point of the book, his story telling ability is shining and he comes across as a cool guy you'd want to hang out with.
Once he enters the WWE, the stories become less interesting. While detailing most of his feuds and major matches, the story seems to turn from an autobiography to a career recap. Most of the stories told from this point on were pretty common knowledge, but there are a few interesting tidbits thrown in (including a soapy JBL story).
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