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Review of Triple H - The King of Kings DVD

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Review of Triple H - The King of Kings DVD

Triple H: King of Kings

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Triple H has been involved in more great main event matches than anyone else in the WWE over the past decade. You would think that making a great DVD based on his career would be a slam dunk. However, the WWE threw up an air ball with their first Triple H DVD, The Game. Did they do better this time around?

The Verdict

I was surprised when I got the DVD and saw that it was only 2-discs. If Rey Mysterio, who hasn't been around the main event long enough to have a cup of coffee can get a 3-disc set for his second DVD release, why didn't Triple H? I was then greeted with the absolute worst packaging for a DVD set. The DVD comes in a cardboard fold-out box that goes inside of a plastic sleeve. Getting that box back into the sleeve proved to be an annoying task. The corners of the cardboard have shown significant damage despite only being used a few times. I'm curious to see how long the plastic sleeve will last.

As far as the DVD itself, between every match there is a brief Triple H interview where he describes the point in his career we are about to witness. I'm glad there is no documentary because The Game had one.

The major problem I have with this DVD is a ludicrous match selection. Do you remember his great feuds with The Rock, Kurt Angle, and Chris Jericho? Apparently the people putting this collection together forgot about them.

Overall Recommendation: Thumbs down. While there are a few good things about this DVD set, overall it is terribly disappointing. This DVD could have and should have been so much better. If you are a Triple H fan, I recommend that you try to track down a copy of the limited-release DVD Triple H: That Damn Good which came out several years ago.

What's on the DVD?

In addition to just listing the matches, I'll also give you my comments on the discs in a way that won't spoil what is on the DVD. Too bad that the people making this DVD didn't do the same. If you don't know how these matches end, make sure to watch the match before the chapter leading up to it because the results are given away. Before I get started, I would like to note that none of the matches on this DVD have been released on any non-PPV DVD.

Matches on Disc One

  • RAW '95: vs. John Crystal - This is Triple H's RAW debut. Considering that we get to see his pro debut later on the DVD and have seen his WWE debut on The Game this is a waste of time. Historical does not mean good.
  • RAW '96: vs. Marc Mero - Historical still doesn't equal good. By the way, did they have to show the celebration before the match that totally gives away the surprise ending in this match?
  • King of the Ring '97: vs. Mankind - This is the first of many PPV battles against Mick Foley and the first of three matches against Mick on the disc. I highly recommend watching the first half of this match in fast forward mode. Again, historical does not mean good.
  • WrestleMania XIV: vs. Owen Hart - This is not the first match I would think of when it comes to Triple H at WrestleMania but I will never complain about seeing an Owen Hart match.
  • RAW '99: vs. Mankind - This is much better than their first match on the DVD and is also much more historic.
  • No Mercy '99: No Holds Barred Match vs. Steve Austin - While not as good as their classic battle at No Way Out '01, since that match has already been on DVD several times this is a pretty good selection for this DVD.
  • No Way Out '00: Hell in a Cell vs. Mick Foley - Finally this classic match has been released DVD.
  • Benoit Reference Note: In the Austin DVD that came out last month, the WWE edited out all pictures of Chris. On this DVD, Triple H mentions him by name because of the injury he suffered in a tag team match against him and then briefly footage of Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho is shown. Seeing how the WWE deals with Benoit footage will be an interesting sub-plot of future WWE DVD releases.
  • Royal Rumble '01 - This match is joined in progress from the point that Triple H enters the match.

Matches on Disc Two

  • Armageddon'02: Street Fight/Cage/Ladder Match vs. Shawn Michaels - On paper, this should have been the greatest match ever. However, for some reason something didn't click here. Since their classic RAW and SummerSlam matches are on other DVD sets, I have no problem with this match being put on this DVD.
  • Vengeance '05: Hell in a Cell Match vs. Batista - The two best matches on this DVD set are both Hell in a Cell matches. With a Hell in a Cell DVD coming out later this year, depending on the matches selected for that disc, this DVD set may be totally worthless.
  • Survivor Series '05: Last Man Standing Match vs. Ric Flair - Even at the tail end of his career, Flair can still put on a great match that men half his age can only dream about.
  • Backlash '06: vs. Edge & John Cena - This is an interesting match as Triple H battled in the main event against two men that were just coming into their own as main event stars.
  • DVD Extra: Hog Pen Match vs. Henry Godwinn - No Rock, Jericho, Angle, or Undertaker but I get to see this piece of feces (literally) instead.
  • DVD Extra: Triple H's first match professional wrestling match - This is surprisingly good for somebody's first match. I enjoy that the match features commentary by Jim Ross and Triple H. Guest commentary tracks are something that I greatly enjoy and wish that WWE Home Video used more often.
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