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Review of See No Evil

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Review of See No Evil

See No Evil

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Vince McMahon tries to take on Hollywood with the release of his first movie under the WWE Films banner. If the rest of the movies from this company are as bad as this one expect WWE Films to go out of business quicker than the XFL.

The Main Players (Producer, Cast, and Director)

Vince McMahon is the executive producer of this movie. His two previous movies were No Holds Barred and Rollerball. One of these movies is on the IMDB.com list of the worst movie's ever made and the other movie is one of the few to never be released on DVD. Vince's other attempts to expand his wrestling empire have been colossal failures. No one can forget the XFL and no one remembers his WBF bodybuilding organization.

Kane is the star of this movie. He is most famous for his tenure as a WWE wrestler. Unfortunately, he spent the majority of his career as a mute that wore a mask. With the exception of the mask, that sounds like his part in the movie. Too bad the rest of the cast couldn't be mute. In particular, one of the actors came across as a really bad Chris Tucker wannabe.

The director is Gregory Dark. While he is used to making movies with climatic endings, they were all pornos. After making several classic porno series including Between the Cheeks and The Creasemaster, he is making his feature film debut with this movie.

The Movie

The "plot" of this movie involves a bunch of at juvenile delinquents doing community service. Their service is to restore a vacant hotel. Little do they know that Jacob Goodnight (Kane) lured them to the hotel to get revenge against their supervisor, the former policeman that shot him in the head a few years earlier.

In addition to killing his victims, Jacob likes to collect their eye balls. Why would he do this? The director goes back to his porn roots to give us the answer. Growing up, Jacob was locked in a cage with pornographic material. Whenever he would touch himself, his mommy would get mad and force him to wash the evil out of his eyes. Jacob made the transition to adulthood by locking women in the cage and touching himself.

Due to Gregory Dark's porno background, the shower and make out scenes looked legitimate. However, the violent scenes were pathetic. Anytime Jacob used his hook and dragged his victims it was more fake looking than anything Kane has ever done in the ring, including his tenure as a wrestling Christmas tree.

Overall Recommendation: Midway through the movie, I was thinking that having your eyeballs ripped out might be a better fate than being forced to watch this movie till the end.

User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
What?!, Member NickHall94

See no evil is a classic. Everything can't be perfect in a motion picture film. Being that its ""WWE films"" the worst movies ever, This movie actually held your attention. I think Kane was a great choice for this role and nobody would've done it better. Kane was basically mute while he was in a mask in the WWE, WWF, and when he unmasked I don't think there's one person in this world that don't remember the exitement.

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