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Review of The Life and Times of Mr. Perfect

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Review of The Life and Times of Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect DVD

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"Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig was one of the top wrestling stars during the late '80s and early '90s. However, the former AWA World Champion and WWE Intercontinental Champion will best be remembered for a series of vignettes he did to show the world he was perfect. Sadly, Curt passed away a few years ago and this two-disc DVD takes a look back at his life and career.

The Verdict

I was disappointed to see that this DVD set was only two-discs. I have noticed a trend with the WWE releases lately in that what were normally three-discs have been shrunk down to two. That happened with the Triple H and Hardy DVD sets earlier this year and if Amazon.com is to be believed it will also happen to an Edge DVD set. I do not like this trend at all.

As far as the documentary goes, it was a weird roller coaster of emotions ride that made you laugh, sad, laugh, and sad again. Amazingly, Wade Boggs told the most interesting stories about Curt. Speaking of the people talking on the DVD, I am really getting annoyed by Arn Anderson's commentary on these DVDs. While he was a great wrestler, the man just refuses to break kayfabe on these DVDs even though everyone else has. It makes for some strange continuity for the viewer.

The highlights of this DVD are the vignettes and the blooper reel from the taping of these vignettes which is featured in the documentary. Every wrestling fan needs to see Perfect Passer at least once in their life.

Overall Recommendation: The DVD is good but not quite perfect. Fans of Mr. Perfect, '80s wrestling, or the character introduction vignettes the WWE used to produce should buy this DVD.

What's on the DVD?

Disc one of the DVD features a documentary, two additional stories, Mr. Perfect's WWE Hall of Fame Induction, two matches, 14 Mr. Perfect vignettes, and the music video for Rap is Crap. Disc 2 features eight matches.

Matches on this DVD Set - If a match is available on another non-PPV DVD, I will list the DVD in parenthesis.

  • MSG ’82: vs. Eddie Gilbert - As unbelievable as this might seem, this is the first time an Eddie Gilbert match has been on a WWE DVD. If this match took place a few years later it would have been great but both men were very green at this point in their career.
  • AWA ’85: w/Scott Hall vs. AWA Tag Team Champions Steve Regal & Jimmy Garvin - If you haven't seen Scott Hall in this era, you wouldn't believe it is the same guy that became Razor Ramon.
  • AWA ’86: vs. AWA Heavyweight Champion Nick Bockwinkle - This match marked the turning point in Curt's career. Having recently been following the AWA show on ESPN Classic, it is amazing how quickly Curt went from just some guy to being the man that held the company together.
  • Wrestlefest ’88: vs. Terry Taylor - Mick Foley's version of how Mr. Perfect got his name during the commentary of this match differs from the story told on the documentary.
  • MSG ’89: vs. Bret Hart - This match is from their first series of matches on the house show circuit during Bret's first attempt to break out of tag team wrestling.
  • MSG ’90: vs. WWE Champion Hulk Hogan - If pre-back injury Curt was part of the WWE a few years later, I would find it hard to believe that he wouldn't have been a WWE Champion.
  • MSG ’90: vs. Intercontinental Champion Kerry Von Erich featuring Roddy Piper as special guest referee - This marks the second match on the DVD featuring two wrestlers battling that died way before their time. This is something that I really hope the Wellness Policy can help put an end to.
  • SummerSlam ’91: vs. Bret Hart (Bret Hart Story) - Just as the Bockwinkle match earlier marked the turning point of Curt's career, this one marked the turn of Bret's career from accomplished tag team wrestler to legitimate singles star.
  • SummerSlam ’93: vs Shawn Michaels (Best of the Intercontinental Championship) - Considering the two men that were in this match, you would have thought this would have been a five-star classic. Unfortunately, if you go into this match with those expectations, you'll be severely disappointed.
  • Uncensored ’98 vs. Bret Hart - While Bret and Curt had some good matches, to dedicate 30% of the matches on this DVD to them is overkill. While it is nice to see Curt's work from WCW, I wish they would have picked a match with a different opponent.

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