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Jake "The Snake" Roberts: pick your poison

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Unlike most other WWE biography DVD sets, the best part of this disc is the documentary. It goes in depth about Jake's troubled youth, successful career, and battles with addiction. Unfortunately, like most other WWE DVD's featuring stars of Jake's era, the Jesse Ventura edit rears its ugly head.

The Documentary

The first 20 minutes of the disc go in depth about Jake's youth. His dad was dating his grandmother when he had sex with her 13 year old daughter. Jake was raised by his grandparents on his father's side. His grandfather was an alcoholic. When his grandmother died, he moved in with his father. While his father was on the road, his step-mother tried to seduce him. He then moved in with his mother and step-father. His younger sister had several children at a young age and eventually married a middle aged man while she was still in her teens. She was murdered by the man's ex-wife and her body was never recovered. After this chilling story, the documentary goes into detail about his career and battles with his addictions. These stories are covered in my profile of Jake Roberts. Recommendation: Watch

The Extras

The extras on the disc are great. On most of the other WWE discs, these are usually just thrown on as filler. The extras on this disc feature Jake telling some entertaining stories. The ones involving his snake are pretty funny. All three of his vignettes with the Ultimate Warrior are also included as well as the segments featuring Rick Rude hitting on his wife, the death of Damien, and his snake gnawing on the Macho Man's arm. Recommendation: Watch

The Matches

This is the one weak area of the disc. Too many of the matches are from past his prime. Most of the matches from 1986 - 1992 are worth watching. There are four matches from after this period that feature a very out of shape Jake Roberts. The Jesse Ventura edit takes place in the Jake vs Honky Tonk Man match from WrestleMania 3 and his match against Sting in WCW. Ironically, Jesse can be seen commentating during that match.

Match Listing:

    vs Ricky Steamboat at Big Event 1986 - Watch
    vs Honky Tonk Man at WrestleMania 3 - Watch with the alternative commentary.
    vs Rick Rude at MSG - Watch
    w/Ricky Steamboat vs Jim Nelson & Mike Miller - Skip
    vs Ronnie Garvin in 1983 - Watch
    vs Lanny Poffo in 1986 - Skip
    vs Earthquake in 1991 - Watch, but they edit the squash of Damien. It is seen uncut in the documentary.
    vs Sting 1992 - Watch, but the edit of Jesse Ventura is very annoying.
    vs Dirty White Boy 1994 - Skip
    vs Steve Austin 1996 - The only reason this match is on the DVD is because after the match Austin says 3:16 for the first time. Skip
    vs Jerry Lawler 1996 - Skip
    w/Tommy Dreamer vs Justin Credible & Jack Victory 1998 - Skip

Overall Recommendation

As of this printing of the disc, it comes with a booklet featuring chapters of the Jerry Lawer, Freddie Blassie, & Billy Graham autobiographies. The documentary and extras are great. The match selection could be a lot better. They ignore too many of his great feuds and instead put in many matches from past his prime. If you are a fan of wrestling and are wondering why wrestlers die at such a young age, you must watch this DVD. This DVD is definitely worth renting. If the matches were better I would have no reservations about recommending that you purchase this disc. As it is, I can only recommend purchasing this disc if you are a big Jake Roberts fan. Overall Recommendation: Rent

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