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Forgiven by Vince Russo

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Vince Russo is one of the most influential and controversial men in wrestling history. As head writer of the WWF, his contributions to the business were a large part of the popularity of the business in the late 90’s. This book details Vince’s story from youth till the end of his WWF tenure. Since I finished reading this book, I am anxiously awaiting the 2nd part of this incredible story which should discuss his WCW and TNA tenures.


Unlike most other wrestling books, this one is not about making himself look better by knocking others down. It is not a book that is censored by his employer. This is a book about a man that achieves his dreams only to realize they were not important in the grand scheme of things.

A Book with an Interesting Twist

This manuscript for this book was originally written in 2002 as a tell all autobiography that would have spilled the dirt on a lot of people. In 2003, Vince was born again and knew that the book couldn’t be published as it was. This new book tells the same story without damaging any lives. The interesting twist to this book is that Vince gives a commentary from his new self looking at his old self telling the story.

Is This a Wrestling Book or a Religious Book?

It is whatever you choose for it to be. Since his commentaries are written in a different font, it can be a wrestling only book. If the book is read that way, you will still get the best wrestling story ever written but you will be missing another great story. If you only wanted to read a religious story, you will need to read the whole book to see where Vince came from and where he is now.

Overall Recommendation

I always thought that no wrestling book would ever top the Mick Foley’s first book. I was wrong. This book is the greatest wrestling book ever published. Vince’s writing style shows why he was so was successful in the wrestling business. The inside information he details is fascinating. The struggles of a man doing everything to accomplish his dreams are inspiring. The fact that he later realized his dreams were worthless in the grand scheme of things and his writing about his former self are refreshingly honest.
Overall Recommendation: Best Wrestling Book Ever
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