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John Cena: My Life DVD Review

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John Cena: My Life DVD Review

John Cena: My Life DVD Cover

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This is the second DVD looking back at the career of John Cena. The first one, Word Life, is almost universally recognized as one of the worst WWE DVDs. Hopefully, the people at WWE Home Video got it right on their second try.

Disc One - Documentary & Muscle Cars

The first thing a viewer of the DVD will notice is that the menu looks like a car dashboard and is pretty cool. The documentary has a run time of a little less than two hours. It features John's friends, father, and fellow wrestlers discussing his career. The documentary is pretty good and not a bad way to spend two hours.

The problems with this DVD set come with what follows the documentary. The rest of this DVD features a 40 minute car guide. John shows off and discusses many muscle cars. I'm not a fan of cars and this is a total waste to have on a wrestling DVD. The inclusion of this onto the DVD is like me discussing my love of the band Poison instead of writing about wrestling. The reason I won't write about the mystery of Bret Michael's hair is because you came here to read about wrestling. I wish the people that made this DVD realized that people might want to see some wrestling on this DVD set.

Disc 2 - Matches and Junk

Disc 2 features seven matches from different points of John's career. They range from classic matches to head scratchers that will leave you wondering how they came up with the matches on the DVD. The matches run 2:20. The rest of the DVD features 22 minutes of short videos featuring such goodies as John's coin collection and him training with a contest winner.

Matches on Disc 2

  • OVW 1/19/02: vs Randy Orton - this is nice look back at John and Randy at the beginning of their careers. However, the match itself is nothing to get too excited about.
  • Vengeance '02: vs. Chris Jericho - this is not the best PPV match they have had against each other. However, like the last match, it is like a trip back in time to the days when John wore matching trunks and boots.
  • SmackDown 3/27/03: vs. Rikishi - Rikishi??? Is this really the best the WWE could do? I am starting to think that this was the process used to pick these matches.
  • Judgment Day '05: I Quit Match vs. JBL - finally a match worthy of being put on a DVD superstar collection
  • RAW '05: w/Shawn Michaels & Hulk Hogan vs. Christian, Tyson Tomko, and Chris Jericho - another historic moment but not a great match
  • One Night Stand '06: vs. Rob Van Dam - this is a match every wrestling fan needs to see for both the action inside the ring and the crowd outside of it
  • Unforgiven '06: TLC Match against Edge - an incredible match that was recently put on the Ladder Match DVD.

Disc 3 - Five Questions With the Champ

This was a feature on WWE.com that featured John answer questions from fans. While it was nice as a five minute segment every week on WWE.com, having a 3-hour discs of these things is totally unnecessary. It's not like when disc 3 of the Roddy Piper set featured classic Piper's Pit episodes. I don't want to harp on this point too much, but a nine-hour DVD set of the biggest star in the WWE should have more than seven matches totaling less than 2 1/2 hours. And one of them had Rikishi. Rikishi???

Overall Recommendation

While this John Cena DVD is slightly better than Word Life, hopefully the third time will be the charm for a John Cena DVD. Amazingly, this 9 hour wrestling DVD set features a little more than two hours of wrestling matches. I can only recommend this DVD for really hardcore John Cena fans that also love muscle cars.
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