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Shawn Michaels Watch Review

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Shawn Michaels Watch Review

Shawn Michaels Watch

© 2012 Deuce Brand, Inc.
Deuce is a company that makes functional watches for athletes. The company which has lines of watches for NBA and NCAA teams recently created a signature watch for Shawn Michaels.

My Review of the Functional Aspects of the Watch

The most important function for a watch to have is to keep accurate time. I set the watch close to two weeks ago to my cable television box. It is now running about two-and-a-half minutes faster than that clock. While not a major problem now, if that trend keeps up over time, you will find yourself needing to reset the time for the watch about once a month.

Since this watch is for athletes, I wore this watch when doing a variety of functions this week, including exercising. The watch did a great job for this function. I'm a walker that usually doesn't wear a watch because I hate wearing them when I sweat. I usually have to guess how long I've been walking for based upon the route I take. Because of this watch, I was able to change up my walking route and know precisely how long I was walking for. As for the comfort level when I was walking, it kind of felt like I was wearing a slightly heavier version of a Lance Armstrong Livestrong bracelet on my wrist.

The watch is water resistant up to 100 feet. It is also ergonomically designed for athletes so it shouldn't mess up your game when you are wearing one. The watch is also ultra-light and weighs only 10 grams.

My Review of the Look of the Watch

Shawn Michaels at RAW 1,000 wearing his Deuce watch

photo used courtesy of Deuce Brand, Inc.
Not only does the watch feel like I was wearing a band for a cause around my wrist, everyone I spoke to about the watch thought I was wearing one as well. None of the people I spoke to this week about the watch realized it was one until I mentioned it was one to them.

While it was pretty cool to be wearing a watch that no one realized was one, if you spend money to buy this because you want to share your enjoyment of Shawn Michaels with the world, you might be disappointed. No one knew it was a Shawn Michaels watch until they looked at the watch up close. With the exception of his name on the watch, there is no notable logo on the watch that anyone from a distance would automatically associate with Shawn. If the watch was green and black and featured the famous DX logo, I'm sure more people would have known immediately that this watch had something to do with wrestling.

I did run into one major concern about the look of the watch. A little less than a week into wearing the watch, the bottom side of it started to peel. According to a company representative, "it's just a thin skin that stays on the watch after production for another 2-3 weeks and then peels off". The peeling process on my watch is almost done. The logo on the bottom of the watch is still clearly visible. However, the bottom of the watch is a little duller now than when I first opened up the package.

Promotional Code, & My Recommendation

The watch retails for $30 on www.deucebrand.com. However, the company is running a promotion where you can get 30% off your entire purchase at their site. During the checkout process, enter the the online code Summer12. This promotion will be ending on September 1, 2012.

Overall Recommendation: Despite some of the flaws I have mentioned, I really like the idea behind the product. Unfortunately for Shawn Michaels fans, there is no immediate pop factor on the watch that lets others easily know that you are a Shawn Michaels fan and that is part of the reason for my giving this watch only 3 stars.

If I was the guide for a topic where my readers also had a functional need for the watch (ex: basketball) I would have given this a higher score. In addition to the obvious functional need for the readers of that site, there are design factors that also let others know where there loyalties lie. A basketball fan seeing one of these watches could easily determine from a distance whether a user of this watch is a Knicks or Bulls fan.

Back of Shawn Michaels Watch worn by Shawn Michaels.

© 2012 Deuce Brand, Inc.
Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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