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Sunny Mug Shot

Pro Wrestler Mug Shots


Sunny Mug Shot
Branford Connecticut Police Department
In September of 2012, WWE Hall of Famer Sunny was arrested three days in a row. The following month, she was arrested two days in a row. All five arrests have to deal with alleged domestic violence issues between her and her boyfriend.

On September 11, she was charged with disorderly conduct. The following day, she was arrested again on that charge as well as violation of a protective order and strangulation in the third degree. On the third day, saw her arrested for violating the protective custody again.

On October 8, she was arrested for disorderly conduct, criminal mischief in the third degree, and for violating the protective order. The following day, she was arrested for violating the protective order for a fourth time as well as burglary in the third degree.

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