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Jimmy Snuka Interview


Jimmy Snuka Interview

"Superfly" The Jimmy Snuka Story

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In the fall of 2012, two books featuring WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka were released. In addition to asking him about these two books, I also discussed several other topics in my email interview with Jimmy Snuka.

Eric: Jimmy, you have recently written the forward to the book A Battle Royal in the Sky (review), a book which takes a look back at the lives of many of the wrestlers that we have lost at way too young of an age. What do you think has caused all of these losses?

Jimmy Snuka: Brudda it’s a hard business, you have to work and train and have a lot of luck. You can't take a short cut. Many of the guys did what they had to do to get a pay day to feed their families. We didn't know what these new powders and pills could do to us. Everyone wants to be the biggest and the best and just do what they thought would help. Brudda, we would be on the road seven days a week. We didn't get to see our families for months at a time. There is a lot of cheating, divorce and heartbreak. Don't get me wrong Brudda, it can be a good time on the road with the boys. But all the drinking and drugs catch up to you. Today, the powders and pills are everywhere, I mean strong things. We have to teach our kids when they are young and in school about what these things can do to them. What did I know Brudda, if someone told me to take this pill it will make me strong, I did it. I trusted too much.

Eric: Your autobiography (review) recently came out. What should my readers expect from that book?

Jimmy Snuka: They should expect an exciting book, I cut it loose Brudda. "Everything you wanted to know about "The Superfly" but were afraid to ask" Like that Bra?

Eric: The Superfly is a move that has changed the course of professional wrestling. What inspired you to perform the move for the first time?

Jimmy Snuka: Brudda, I was a cliff diver! I would dive for tourists in the islands. They would throw coins into the ocean and I would dive off the pier, boat, cliff, where ever I was and get the coin before it hit the bottom. Then I would keep it. They wanted to know how I could get it so quick, well that is my secret, Bra. I got many coins and would bring them home to my Mother.

Eric: You were involved in the main event for the first WrestleMania. I always wondered, if Bob Orton didn't suffer a broken arm a month earlier, would the main event of the show have been a six-man tag team match?

Jimmy Snuka: You know Brudda, I don't know but it's a good idea!

Eric: Back in 1985, did you realize just how important WrestleMania was going to be?

Jimmy Snuka: Bra I knew it was a big deal to be in the 1st WrestleMania but never knew it would ever get this big. I did WrestleMania 25th Anniversary a few years ago and what a change. I went to WrestleMania 1 just like I did any other show but what a change now, Wrestlemania is a week long. Last year in Miami Fl, I did the Fan Axxess event and there were so many people there. We had security helping me get from here to there.

Eric: I have to ask you about the coconut incident with Roddy Piper. Who came up with the idea for that episode of Piper's Pit and was the coconut real?

Jimmy Snuka: Bra, you know I still have a headache. Piper is my good Brudda and whenever we get together, we have a great time. I forgave him a long time ago. But I can't really trust him.

Eric: ESPN Classic has been broadcasting old episodes from the AWA. During the era they are showing, your feud with Colonel DeBeers was very controversial because of the racism portrayed in the angle. I was wondering if you ever had deal with any racism behind the scenes?

Jimmy Snuka: Not racism, just jealousy Bra, that is the worst sickness. I never felt that I was different, sure I'm Fijian and proud of my ancestors. Fijian's are strong, proud people.

Eric: The question I am asked most about by my readers is about becoming a wrestler. What advice did you give to your children when they decided to follow in your footsteps?

Jimmy Snuka: Brudda, I get in so much trouble. People come up to me and say they were copying me and broke their beds, chairs, sofas, and one even killed his mother's ferret. I tell everyone don't do what I do, you have to go to school and college and then if you still want to be a wrestler than, train, eat right and go to it.

Eric: Is there anything else you would like for my readers to know?

Jimmy Snuka: I am so happy that I could entertain my fans for so many years. and " I'm not done yet"!! Go get my book and enjoy my story.


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