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Interview With Ring of Honor Owner Cary Silkin


Interview With Ring of Honor Owner Cary Silkin

Mickey Rourke in a Ring of Honor ring.

Photo Credit: Niko Tavernise
On January 9, 2009, I had the opportunity to interview the owner of Ring of Honor, Cary Silkin. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the company, we discuss the basics of the company and for those of you that are familiar with the brand; we delve into some of the future plans for the company.

Eric: A lot of my readers are unfamiliar with Ring of Honor. Could you describe the company for my readers?
Cary Silkin: Ring of Honor is a pro wrestling company that specializes in pro wrestling as opposed to entertainment. We’ve been around for seven years. We’ve done over 200 live events, not only in the US. We’ve been to the U.K. twice, to Tokyo and Osaka, and have had matches in 12 or 13 states. We continue to do 40-50 live shows a year. We currently have bi-monthly PPV’s that are seen on all cable outlets, the DISH Network, and as of this January, coming up this very week, on DirecTV also.

Eric: On January 16, Rising Above will be debuting on PPV. What can fans buying that event expect to see and how will this show differ from the WWE and TNA PPV events that will be taking place in January?
Cary Silkin: Well. I think that anyone who buys the PPV, whether they’re familiar with us or they are a first time viewer, will absolutely be thrilled. It’s a two hour PPV. Basically, there is an hour and 45 minutes of incredible wrestling. Why is there not incredible wrestling the other 15 minutes? Because, there are the introductions. Every match is good. The action is unparalleled, and I can say that with a clear conscience compared to any other product out there.

These particular matches that are on this PPV from Chicago are an excellent assortment of Ring of Honor matches. There is a World’s Championship match. There is a brutal I Quit match with Austin Aries and Jimmy Jacobs. Up and down, the card is great. For the price tag, which I believe is anywhere from $9.95 to $14.95 depending on where you get it, compared to the $40 or $30 price tag the other companies get, you’ll be very satisfied. There’s probably more action in 20-minutes of this show than you might get with another company for a 3-hour show.

Eric: Since there is no weekly TV show, what is the best way for a fan to follow the action?
Cary Silkin: If you go to our website, www.rohwrestling.com, two or three times a week, there are video newswires where you can follow the stories. As well as, almost daily, there are news updates on the site. Once fans get acclimated to our champions, what’s going on with the different wrestlers and who they are feuding with, it is very easy to follow. Right now, that is the best way until we have regular TV.

Eric: Last year, former Ring of Honor stars Samoa Joe and CM Punk won the top titles in TNA and WWE respectively. Do you see anyone on the current roster that wrestling fans should keep their eyes on that one day might become a WWE or TNA Champion?
Cary Silkin: No doubt about it. Our current champion, Nigel McGuiness, from the U.K. has held the belt now for over a year. He’s a top guy. He’s tremendous. There are so many guys.

Bryan Danielson, who's been with us the entire time, and is also a former Ring of Honor Champion is absolutely tremendous. As well as the Briscoe Brothers who have been the tag team champs a couple of times. Mark and Jay [Briscoe], they’ve been with us pretty much the whole time also. As well as Austin Aries, who has been in TNA, is a regular and a star with us. And there are some young guys that have been coming up the ladder. Particularly, Tyler Black, who nearly won the belt from Nigel in Philly this past summer. He’s really good and along with Kenny Omega who is another up and coming star. Eric Stevens, there are a number of guys. All of the wrestlers in Ring of Honor, and some of them have been with the other companies before, some of them may be with other companies in the future, but these are all guys that the fans will all be impressed with.

Eric: Your company has featured talent from Pro Wrestling NOAH in the past. I was wondering if between the problems that company is having and the change of bookers in your company if Ring of Honor will continue to bring in wrestlers from Japan?
Cary Silkin: Yeah. Pro Wrestling NOAH, we have had a great relationship with them and we have also worked with another Japanese company, Dragon Gate, a few times. But Pro Wrestling NOAH, we’ve been with them now for over three years. Including Morishima, who was our Ring of Honor Champion. He had it for eight months and he defended it in Japan as well as for us on a regular basis. But those guys, they are just going through a new television deal. Their company is very healthy and we are going to be continuing to see NOAH talent with us in the future. We just had in our last New York show, four stars from NOAH on the show. We will be seeing a lot of them this year.

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