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Rob Van Dam Interview

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Rob Van Dam Interview

Rob Van Dam

Photo is used courtesy of Wrestle Reunion
On January 25, 2010, I had the opportunity to interview Rob Van Dam. Excluding a cameo appearance in the Royal Rumble, since leaving the WWE in 2007, Rob hasn't wrestled in the United States. That will change this weekend as Rob will be returning to the ring as part of the huge Wrestle Reunion convention that will be taking place in Los Angeles this weekend. In this interview, Rob and I discuss his possible return to television, what he has been up to, and many other topics.

Eric: Rob, you will be returning to the ring this weekend as part of the big Wrestle Reunion event. I was wondering if you could tell my readers a little about the show?

Rob Van Dam: This weekend, there is a 3-day event and it is going to be huge, especially for the West Coast because most times they do these things on the East Coast. A bunch of wrestlers, legends, young guys, current guys on TV, it is going to be an action packed weekend full of personal time in the daytime where the wrestlers will are meeting with the fans, getting their pictures taken with them and giving autographs. Then at night time, wrestling matches. I myself will take part on Saturday. I'll be signing autographs during the daytime and then I'll have a match Saturday night, which will be my first domestic wrestling match in years. So, I'm very excited.

Eric: When my readers found out that I would be speaking to you, the overwhelming majority of them wanted me to ask you when they will be seeing you on TV again. So, what do you have to say to them?

Rob Van Dam: That I don't know. I guess as soon as and if a deal is worked out between myself and a wrestling company that is on television. I don't have any hidden information to offer right now. No deals have been made. But I am feeling more ready than I have been in the last three, actually more ready than in the past five years to actually consider enjoying wrestling again.

Eric: I was wondering what your thoughts are on the addition of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff to TNA and whether their involvement in the company might influence your decision to wrestle for them?

Rob Van Dam: I actually am very much more interested since they've been there. I think that they've shook the wrestling world up and made it interesting again. The Monday night, January 4, airing of TNA up against WWE was by far their highest rated show and was the highest rated Monday night in a long time. All wrestling fans were tuned in flipping back and forth and that was very interesting because for a very long time there hasn't been much to be excited about. There is always something better on the television in the Van Dam household than wrestling and that's been that way for the longest time. But I tuned into wrestling. I felt the optimism as Hulk Hogan talked about changes being made. And I appreciate what TNA is doing trying to make a lot of noise that a lot of people will hear. I know that it is not a short-term plan but they plan on continuing to make noise. So we'll see what happens. We'll see if I fall into that or not.

Eric: When I found out I was going to interview you I checked out Amazon to see what you were up to. There were a few items I saw that I'd like to ask you about. What is RVD TV?

Rob Van Dam: RVD TV is a reality show, for lack of better term, that I have at Robvandam.com. I've been filming and airing these episodes since I left WWE. Mostly, it was an outlet for the passion I had to exercise different sides of myself than the one-dimensional, or possibly two-dimensional, RVD that WWE fans got to know. RVD TV, I call it reality because we're filming real life. We're not contrived. We don't have any scripts or any agendas that we're trying to fake as we're going along. We actually film, sometimes it's workouts, personal instructional workouts that I do right here in my own gym, sometimes I get together with other celebrities and we talk about issues. Topical issues, that real people, it makes us real people because we're thinking about stuff that maybe we know a lot about or maybe we don't. We get together and talk about language censorship, or marijuana prohibition, or new world order.

Just like with RVD radio, I enjoy making people use their brain and think. And I myself, I've never known how to think inside the box. I'm always seeing everything else different than the way everyone else is seeing it. I try to encourage other people to realize don't hate other people for thinking differently than you do and at the same time, celebrate your own individuality. In all of RVD's projects, that's like RVD's message to the people. It's completely free. There are almost 100 episodes of RVD TV available at Robvandam.com. All you have to do is sign up and you will have access to all of those and all the new episodes that I continue to post up every week or two.

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