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Jesse Ventura Interview

Jesse Ventura Interview


Jesse Ventura Interview

Don't Start the Revolution Without Me! by Jesse Ventura

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I had the opportunity to speak to Jesse Ventura as part of the promotional tour he is doing for the soft-cover release of his book, Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me. I reviewed the hard-cover edition of the book last year and was fascinated by many of the stories he told while he was serving as the governor of Minnesota.

This was by-far the longest interview I have done on the site. We had a relatively normal Q&A for the first 20-minutes and then had a great political conversation for 15 minutes. By comparison, my average interview is a little over 10-minutes long. While the interview is long, it is also the most entertaining and important one I have done.

Eric: Congratulations on the success of your book, Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me. Can you tell me what made you want to write the book and what has been added to the newly released soft-cover edition of the book?

Jesse Ventura: First of all, we’ll go backwards. What’s been added is my thoughts since Barack Obama’s election and what’s been happening in the country since the election. The book was printed prior to the election. It was actually printed last spring, a year ago. A lot of things have transpired in between so we managed to update it a little more with my thoughts on the election and the current direction we are going in now.

Eric: Just out of curiosity, who did you vote for in the election?

Jesse Ventura: I don’t vote for Democrats or Republicans. I protest vote. The last election I think I voted for Ralph Nader. I do that because I will not vote for a Democrat or Republican. I’m a great believer that on all ballots now, be it state, local, or national, that we should have the option of “none of the above”. People kind of laugh at that but what it really means is that it is a vote of no confidence in government. I believe that in certain elections that “none of the above” could actually win.

Eric: I think that was a plot in an old Richard Pryor movie with the “none of the above”. [Note: It was in Brewster's Millions]

Jesse Ventura: I don’t know but to me it’s not comedic. It should be an option given to voters like me, who there is no candidate that inspires me to vote for them. Having said that, let me say this also, I did not vote for President Obama nor did I vote for John McCain. But I remember that when President Obama was elected that I turned to my wife that day and told her that I felt very good about this because I never believed in my lifetime that a black American could be elected President. I’m very glad that in my lifetime that I had the opportunity to see that happen.

Eric: In addition to the book, you also have a new television show coming out. What can you tell me about that?

Jesse Ventura: Well hopefully it is. They claim that we’re coming out but I guess that I as the star am the last to know. As far as I know it’s not coming out yet. They haven’t informed me that it is. We have completed it. It is a conspiracy show that I host where we go into different conspiracies. The sad thing we realized in shooting the pilot was that you will get no cooperation from the government at all on anything. Our government today doesn’t feel obligated to answer any questions from the citizens. And that’s really the big picture of what the show is about. The fact that today we have a government that you can’t ask questions of.

Eric: Last year, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain all appeared on RAW cutting wrestling style promos in hopes of getting some votes. What did you think of that and which one of them cut the better wrestling promo?

Jesse Ventura: I don’t know because I didn’t see them and I don’t watch.

Eric: And what did you think of them actually going on Monday Night RAW?

Jesse Ventura: Well, why not? Wrestling has always had a huge following through the years. I’m sure that there are wrestling fans that vote. So why wouldn’t you? I just felt sad that McMahon would choose to become the status quo and embrace the two party system as he did. I always thought Vince was more of a rebel but I guess he is more of a go-along get-along guy.

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