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Jesse Ventura Interview Page 3/3


Jesse Ventura Interview Page 3/3

American Conspiracies by Jesse Ventura

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Eric: A few months ago you appeared on Monday Night RAW. Since then, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have gotten involved in TNA which has moved to Monday nights. Having been very critical of both Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon over the years, I was wondering if you had a rooting interest in this battle and if there was any chance we would ever see you working with Hogan in TNA?

Jesse Ventura: [Starts laughing] You better ask him that. Any chance of it, well you never say never but they'd certainly have to put the decimal point in the right place. You get what I'm saying there.

Eric: Definitely.

Jesse Ventura: If you ask me to choose sides between TNA and WWE, I'd take the WWE. I've had my ups and downs with Mr. Hogan. You're aware of the story of when I tried to unionize.

Eric: Yep. When he ratted you out to Vince before WrestleMania 2.

Jesse Ventura: Hogan was the one that ratted me out to Vince. From the days that I came into wrestling, that was a no-no and Hogan knows that. You were called an office stooge if you ratted a guy to the promoter. And that's how I feel Hogan was to me, an office stooge.

Hogan denies that he did it but I know that he did. When I sued Vince McMahon [Jesse and I discussed this case last year when I interviewed him] and we went to federal court, we had to put him in deposition. I told my attorney this story and asked him that in this deposition if he could work his way around it, I'd really like to know who ratted on me. So my attorney asked Vince, and they can ask anything in a deposition, and this is under oath: “Mr. McMahon, has there ever been a union in wrestling?” Vince said no. “Has anyone ever tried to form one?” and Vince said that I think that Jesse Ventura might have spouted his mouth about it once or twice. My attorney asked how do you know this? Did you hear Mr. Ventura do this? And with no hesitation, Vince went: “No. Hulk Hogan told me.”

I didn't show any emotion but I almost fell out of the chair. At that time, Hogan and I were friends. And I thought, wow, he is the guy that ran and ratted me out when I tried to unionize wrestling. I found out why he did it though. Because in discovery of my court case, I found out that at WrestleMania III, Hulk Hogan individually got paid more money than all the rest of us did combined. And that is documented.

Eric: Wow. Even including Andre the Giant.

Jesse Ventura: Andre, we include him in with us.

Eric: Wow.

Jesse Ventura: Hulk got paid more for that match than all of us wrestlers did combined.

Eric: Wow. That is really shocking.

Jesse Ventura: That came out in my court case. I'm not making this up. These are official WWF documents.

Eric: Wow. Do you have any other stories like this you could tell me about wrestling?

Jesse Ventura: Off the top of my head, not really because I've been out of the business 20 years. But I do remember these things specifically because they were a part of my federal court case and I had to sit in that court room and hear all this evidence when it came out.

Eric: Is there anything else that you would like my readers to know?

Jesse Ventura: No, not really. People always say to me will you come back to wrestling. No, I don't think so but you never say never. I'm proud of the fact that when I said that I retired that I did. You know, how many wrestlers can say that when they retired that they did.

Eric: Well, we just saw Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair wrestling on Monday night after their retirements.

Jesse Ventura: I find that kind of humorous because didn't Hogan just write a book called My Life Outside the Ring. Well, how can you write a book like that when you are still wrestling? [Jesse stars laughing again] I mean, shouldn't you wait until you actually quit. And then maybe he'll come up with a follow up book now, My Life When I'm Really Out of Wrestling. Maybe, when he's 70.

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