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James Storm Interview

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James Storm Interview

James Storm

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On December 5, 2011, I had the opportunity to interview former TNA World Heavyweight Champion James Storm. This interview took place a few days before Final Resolution 2011 where he might be fighting Kurt Angle.

Eric: You have been a part of TNA since their first pay-per-view event. Looking back, what goes through your mind when you see where both you and the company are today?

James Storm: It is a huge difference being in the iMPACT! Zone now from being in the Nashville Asylum where we started out. Being able to go across the globe and meet different people. It's a huge difference from day one until now. It's expanding more and getting a lot bigger each day.

Eric: In my opinion, you have been a part of the two greatest tag teams in TNA history. What was the biggest difference between teaming with Chris Harris [America's Most Wanted] and Bobby Roode [Beer Money]?

James Storm: It was really no different. In a tag team, both of you have to know your role or it will never work. With me, I got lucky enough to team with two guys who knew their role as much as I knew my role. We didn't try to step on each others toes or go beyond what we thought was good for the team. And it's worked out for me, like you said, being a part of the two greatest tag teams in TNA history.

Eric: As someone who has had great success in the tag team ranks, what are your thoughts about the de-emphasis of that division in both TNA and the WWE and what do you think needs to be done to bring tag team wrestling back to its glory days?

James Storm: It needs to be more, I don't want to say characters that people need to relate to, but in wrestling that is what it is. You need to have your wrestlers be relatable to the audience. I think that was good about both me and Chris and also me and Robert is that we were all relatable to the audience.

I know in WWE, they take two guys and kind of just throw them together. You need time to build chemistry and a relationship with each other and also the audience. Right now, I don't see that with either company.

But we are also working on that now. They have Matt Morgan and Crimson as the tag team champions and also Mexican America. Hopefully, the Machineguns will come back and that will add another big piece to our tag team division.

Eric: Currently, you are on the greatest singles run of your career. How do you have to train or prepare for a match differently now that you don't have a tag team partner to rely on?

James Storm: The same as I did before. One beer at a time.

It definitely takes more out of you because you don't have the luxury of tagging out and taking a break for a second to catch your wind. It's all about you when you are in there so you have to be on your A game. You have to train differently. You have to train your body to be able to go that long. A lot of people think that 10 or 15 minutes is not that long, but when you are in the ring, it seems like an eternity if you don't have your ring shape.

Eric: This is your second major run as a singles wrestler in TNA. Was there anything you learned from that time in your career that you have applied to your current run?

James Storm: I don't think that the first run I'd really claim to have been a big singles run. America's Most Wanted had parted ways and I wanted to stay with the company meanwhile Chris Harris went somewhere else. I think it was kind of them trying to find out where I fit in. It was lucky for me that Robert was going through the same thing with Team Canada and they decided to put us together.

As far as this singles run goes, I'm just having fun with it. I go out there and have fun. It is professional wrestling and if you can't have fun you might as well get out. As long as this run is going, I'm going to just keep having fun and hopefully entertain the fans that I wrestle for.

The interview concludes on the following page.

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