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Eric: Do you watch the follow the TNA product and if you do what do you think about them?

Terry Funk: They are kind of looked at as the graveyard, you know. I mentioned that to some people and I don’t want to keep on calling them the graveyard because I really don’t want to tag that to them. But it is. It is kind of like the WWE’s graveyard. And, I’m not talking about the guys. They’re old, they’re this or they’re that or can’t get the job done. They can but it has got a definite pattern to it. It’s where somebody goes ahead and leaves the WWE and they wind up down there. Boom, just that quick. I think that they need to develop their own talent along with that. Does that make sense to you?

Eric: It definitely does.

Terry Funk: I’m not knocking the talent that they’ve got, they’ve got great talent. But it’s got a constant repetition that is like over, and over, and over. I’m not saying that those guys can’t get the job done, because they can. But they need to work on developing their own talent and their own individuals also. Spend more time on that.

Eric: One of the biggest questions I get asked on this site is about becoming a pro wrestler. Since your brother runs one of the most successful wrestling schools in the business, I was wondering if you could tell my readers what they should look out for before they decide to give their money to someone for training?

Terry Funk: Well, that’s just it. You have different individuals that think the business should be different ways. I am the guy that never, never, has charged anyone anything to get into the world of professional wrestling. And, I never, never, never would.

I would try to think of myself as being smart enough to pick someone that would be an attribute to the profession. Do I disapprove of the way that they do it? No, they are making a buck. So that’s OK and I really mean that. I think a guy should make a buck. But I think that the guys who are running those things should understand that hey just because there is Joe the sex fiend and he has got $3,000 that it doesn’t matter if he is Joe the sex fiend or not. Or here comes Jack the Ripper, or here comes this guy or that guy has nothing of any merit to it. This guy is 127 pounds and is 6’9” and if you shut one eye you would think this guy is a needle. Well, you go ahead and if this guy has $3,000 then he is going to become a wrestler. I don’t approve of that. I think that is a bad thing to have in these schools. I would never charge a person a penny to teach them pro wrestling. In fact, I would pay him before I would charge him.

Eric: You have been in several movies over the years and I was wondering if you could tell me the similarities between cutting a wrestling promo and delivering movie dialogue?

Terry Funk: None whatsoever. Can a movie star be a wrestler? I don’t think so. I think it’s utterly absurd. I’m sure that they could go ahead and go through the motions like they are doing on Hulk Hogan’s show right now.

But can they become a wrestler? Can they cut a promo because they can do dialogue? Probably not unless they had it right before them. Can they be impromptu? Probably not. Do wrestlers need to improv? Yes they do. Can a wrestler do a movie? Can he act? Probably not.

Just because you are an actor doesn’t mean you can wrestle and just because you are a wrestler it doesn’t mean that you can act.

Eric: Is there anything else you would like to let my readers know?

Terry Funk: I’d like to let them know that I’m still alive. I don’t have all my teeth but I’ve got many of them. I’m missing a few of them here and there. But things are still OK for the Funker. And I’m still out here and I’m still going even though I’m 105 years old.

Eric: That’s great to hear and I will be going to that convention next Sunday and I look forward to seeing you then.

Terry Funk: What is that date again?

Eric: November first.

Terry Funk: Yeah, that’s it. It’s right around the corner by golly and I’ll be looking forward to seeing you up there and everyone else. And that is quite a menagerie of fellows there. It’s like the Odd Couple. It is. Eric Bischoff, Terry Funk, Animal, Ric Flair. That’s a pretty good bunch of guys. I’d like to hear what they’ve got to say. I’m interested in this thing. I’ve got to know what’s going on. It’s a pretty unique situation, what you’re going to have up there in New York, something that I think that all of the fans will enjoy.

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