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Interview with Edge


Interview with Edge
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On Christmas night the WWE will be telecasting their fourth annual Tribute to the Troops Show. The 2006 edition was recorded in Iraq. A few days prior to the telecast, I interviewed Shelton Benjamin and Edge about the show and other issues that you requested in response to my newsletter request for questions. This was Edge's first time in Iraq.

Eric: Vince McMahon has called the Tribute to the Troops show the biggest show of the year, even bigger than WrestleMania. Do the superstars feel the same way about the show or is it a different feeling?

Edge: To me it is a totally different vibe. For Vince it is very close and near and dear to his heart. From our perspective, we are not going over to make any money, we’re not going for anything other than to put smiles on faces and to show support. I think that the actual nobility of it is different than for a WrestleMania. [For WrestleMania] there’s the vibe of we want to sell out Ford Field we want to do this, we want to do that, I want to steal the show. With this show, it’s I just want to go over and make these people happy.

Eric: Could you tell me about the mortar attack that happened while you were there?

Edge: When we get over there we hit the ground running. We were split into four groups so we can hit as many bases as we possibly can and hit some remote areas which we did. While we were away, while they were setting up the ring, within 300 yards a mortar had come down and it was caught on film by our crew. I think that is when the reality of the situation started to sink in with things like that. But you could almost forget where you were because you did feel safe, you didn’t feel any different. You were just getting up and eating breakfast with everybody and watching TV while shooting the breeze over a cup of coffee. When that attack happened, it kind of brought everything back and made you realize that we’re in Baghdad, we’re not in Binghamton. That attack just brought back the reality of where you were.

Eric: I don’t want to ask you the same questions about Iraq that I asked Shelton so I would like to move off that topic. When I mentioned to my readers that I would be interviewing you, most of the responses that came back were about Lita [the recently retired WWE Diva that used to be in his corner]. How you prepare for a match differently now that she is not in your corner?

Edge: It’s really weird for me. I got so used to having her out there with me. It was similar to when Christian and I first split. It was odd not to turn around and see him in my corner. Well now it’s odd to turn around and not see her on the floor. It’s really weird and a transition for me, a strange transition. One thing that’s made it easier is that I’m involved in a tag team again so I’ll turn around and go, oh there’s Randy [Orton]. There’s still that friendly face but we had a really good dynamic. I think it got to the point that when you thought of Lita you thought of Edge and vice-versa. It’s been pretty strange and almost lonely without her. Just even to land and go “Oh that one hurt” and look over and give her that look where she’d go “Oh no, he’s going to feel that one after”. Even backstage, being on the same page and being such great friends, just knowing what each other is thinking without saying a word, missing that is what I think I will miss the most.

Eric: This is my last question for you. You are known for you Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Matches. Of the three weapons, if you only had one to use, which would you choose and why?

Edge: The ladder because you can do more spectacular things with it. What first set me on the map was that ladder match Christian & I had against the Hardy Boyz in 1999. There’s a lot of creative and destructive things that you can do with your body as evidenced by what happened to Joey Mercury’s face at the PPV this weekend. The ladder, while I like it the least, I also like it the most because you can do the most insane stuff with it.

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