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Christopher Daniels Interview

Interview with "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels


Christopher Daniels Interview


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Just a few days prior to Sacrifice 2009, I had the opportunity to interview Daniels. Daniels has been a part of TNA since almost the beginning and is one of the wrestlers responsible for their growth from a PPV-only entity to a company with a prime-time television deal. He has been involved in some of the greatest feuds in TNA history including the tag team war between Triple X and America’s Most Wanted as well as a great three-man feud over the X Division Championship between himself, AJ Styles, and Samoa Joe.

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Eric: Sacrifice is being held on Sunday night and you are still not announced as having a match for the show? I was wondering if you could tell me who you will be fighting or are you going to make me wait until tomorrow night to find out on TNA:iMPACT!?
Daniels: You’ll have to wait until tomorrow. I have an idea of what I’m going to be doing but I don’t want to give it away.

Eric: But, you're definitely going to be on the show, right?
Daniels: Oh yeah. There have been a couple of things kicked around so that’s why I don’t want to say one-way or the other because it could be a couple of different things.

Eric: A sizable chunk of my audience has never ordered a TNA PPV. What can fans ordering a TNA PPV event expect to see in comparison to a WWE PPV event?
Daniels: Well, I can tell you there is definitely going to be a lot more action. We pride ourselves on being the best athletes in the world, the best wrestlers in the world. You’re going to see something for everybody. There’s going to be tag team action. There’s going to be X Division action. There is going to be heavyweight guys. So I think there is something for everybody, more than the WWE would be.

Eric: You are now being referred to as just Daniels instead of “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels. Why was the change made and how will this name change impact your character?
Daniels: It’s not going to impact me at all. I’m still the same guy going out there and wrestling the best match I can every time I get into the ring. As far as why, that’s nothing I really want to get into to be honest with you. That is something that was decided. It really didn’t matter what they called me as long as I go out there and get an opportunity to excel and climb the ladder.

Eric: You’ve been with TNA since almost the beginning. When you started with them did you envision they would be where they are today?
Daniels: I trusted they were going to succeed. Early on, there was a lot of scuttlebutt that we weren’t going to last more than a year. Here it is, almost seven years later, and we’re doing well, making strides forward. I always thought we had the opportunity to succeed. It’s just a matter of us taking small steps forward rather than trying to do too much at once. We went from the Wednesday PPVs to Fox Sports Net to Spike TV. We started there on Saturdays, moved to Thursdays, and then moved to prime time and then moved to two hours. So like I said, it has been slowly but surely. But it has always been steps forward. I fell that every time we have taken a step we have succeeded in taking that step and capitalizing on that forward momentum.

Eric: One of the biggest visible changes in TNA has been to the ring. How difficult was it to make the transition from a 4-sided ring to a 6-sided ring?
Daniels: It wasn’t too hard. The toughest part was being on the top rope, just because of the angles of the ropes. It is so much different than a 90 degree angle. It only took me one or two matches to get that under my belt. But everything else was the same. The ropes are tight. The mat is hard. So the rest of it was just basic stuff.

Eric: While in TNA, you have won tag team gold with Triple X and with AJ Styles. In addition, you are a former X Division champion. I was wondering whether you prefer wrestling as part of a tag team or wrestling solo?
Daniels: You know, I like being in singles to be honest with you. However, when the opportunity comes to be in a tag team I give it 100%. Whenever I was tagging with AJ or with Elix, my main focus was doing what was best for the team. When you are in a team situation, you sort of have to take a step back as far as what you want to do as an individual and do what is best for the unit as a whole. I’m not one to try and take command of the team rather than bring us both together, bring us both forward as the front men. But honestly, I do like singles. I’d rather pursue singles on my own. The only goal I haven’t achieved in TNA is that Heavyweight Title. That’s what I’m aiming for.

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