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Brooke Hogan Interview


Brooke Hogan Interview

Brooke Hogan

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On January 16, 2013, I interviewed Brooke Hogan, the daughter of Hulk Hogan. This interview took place the day before her wedding to Bully Ray.

Eric: The reason for our conversation today is to discuss your wedding to Bully Ray on tomorrow's edition of IMPACT WRESTLING. I was wondering if any members of your family will be attending the ceremony?

Brooke Hogan: Well, I was hoping that my dad would come. I know that my mom has a previous engagement out in LA and my brother is out DJ'ing across the country. I couldn't track them down because this was a last minute wedding. But hopefully dad will show up if he's not still mad at me.

Eric: You and your husband have had issues with Aces & Eights. Now that they have females hanging around them, will we be seeing you step inside of the ring with any of their girlfriends soon?

Brooke Hogan: You can't be around the wrestling business for years and years without learning a few tricks of the trade. So if anybody tries to mess with my hubby I'm going to have to take them down.

Eric: A few months ago, you entered the world of wrestling. What made you decide to finally enter the family business?

Brooke Hogan: I moved to Nashville, Tennessee, for my music. Coincidentally, I didn't even know because I kind of operate with my head up my you know what, Dixie Carter called me and she was like "Hey. I want to talk to you. Can you come to the offices today." I thought she thought I was in Florida so I was like "I'm not in Florida. I'm in Nashville" She the said that :"I know. Our offices are in Nashville." I was like: "What". Dixie then told me that their offices were right by the building I live in. So TNA [Total Nonstop Action] for some reason is based out of Nashville even though they film down in Orlando every week.

Dixie asked me to not tell my dad because he might freak out, but Dixie was having a problem managing the Knockouts as she didn't have anyone to focus their entire attention on them. She asked if I would mind taking care of the Knockouts to make sure they were taken care of. At first, I was like I love taking on new challenges and also, let's face it, I have had the best mentors in the business, Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon, and I've seen them do business for most of my life. I've heard the phone calls and seen the matches constructed. I've seen everything go down so I knew I could handle the job.

But I was also concerned because I've tried to do my music for so many years and was worried if stepping into wrestling was going to confuse everyone as to what my true passion is. There was also so much judgment that could have been passed at me but I sat back and thought about it for a second and the first thing that hit me was that this was a blessing. God has presented this opportunity to me for a reason. It seemed like a blessing to me and I was like, Brooke go for it. Don't operate out of fear.

Eric: When did you realize that there was something different about your father and that your dad was Hulk Hogan?

Brooke Hogan: My dad was always my dad. He made breakfast in the morning. I think the first time that I realized that this was different was when a little girl that was my age came up to him crying. I was like, why is she crying dad. It was like she had met Barney and I knew that if I met Barney at that age I would have probably peed my pants.

Eric: When you were a young child, your dad was the most popular wrestler in the world. Then in the mid-90's, he formed the nWo and became the most hated man in the business. How did seeing your dad booed like that impact you when you watched the show and did any of your friends treat you differently because of what he was saying?

Brooke Hogan: It was hard for my friends to see him as a bad guy because they would come over to the house and see him in his boxers with his doo-rag off. It was kind of hard for them to see it because they knew him a a dad. It was kind of shocking for all of us to see him so bad and to be such a gangster. It was kind of difficult but I knew that it was part of his character development. You now, he is a smart business man and you have to deal with certain things in the business and act a certain way. It's kind of like Madonna. Sometimes you have to reinvent yourself and that was the stage he was going through. When you're younger you don't really understand it but as I get older I really admire the process that he went through.

Eric: Wrestling fans first got to know you when you appeared on Hogan Knows Best. I've always wondered how does sudden fame like that impact your life?

Brooke Hogan: I've always dealt with the fame aspect. Growing up and being in the movie theater with my friends and then having people go up and bother my dad. So it wasn't very hard to adapt to because I always saw my dad be very gracious to his fans. Also, I started singing my music when I was 14 and had a single on the radio when I was 15. I think that you can't let fame get to your head. You have to remember that you are a real person and that when people come up to admire your work, whether it is my music or my job in TNA, that is the same as me complimenting anyone on doing their job.

Eric: I was also curious as to how much of what appeared on the show was real life and how much of it was situations that the producers put you and your family into?

Brooke Hogan: Most of it was real life, but sometimes you can't fully explain a story because of the way it happens so quickly. It's almost like when you tell your friends, you wouldn't believe what happened last night. Sometimes you have to narrate a little bit to make the story make sense and explain what happened. But it was mostly true life.

Eric: Since the show ended, both your mom and your dad have written autobiographies. Do you have any plans to write one?

Brooke Hogan: I'd like to let my life story develop a little bit more. I don't think I've lived long enough to write an autobiography but so far the story is pretty good.

Eric: Is there anything else you would like for my readers to know?

Brooke Hogan: Just to look out for my album in 2013 and to tune into my wedding tomorrow night at 8:00 PM on SpikeTV where I will be marrying my prince charming where I will be doing something I thought I would never do, getting married inside of a wrestling ring.

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