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Brutus Beefcake Interview Page 2 of 2


Brutus Beefcake Interview Page 2 of 2

Brutus Beefcake

Photo Credit: Ron Jaffe
Eric: How did your tag team with Greg Valentine come about?

Brutus Beefcake: Greg and I were friends from years before. We worked together in the Carolinas. I met Greg was I was in NY in 1978 when I was there with Hulk and we worked for Vince McMahon Sr. So Greg and I were friends.

They wound up putting us together kind of by accident on a couple of shows to have tag matches. They were shocked because the styles of Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake were so different. His style was methodical, slow, very rough and tough. Brutus Beefcake was very flashy, flamboyant. You know completely different styles that somehow opposites attract. I don’t know what you’d want to call it but the styles seemed to meld.

The people loved to see that. Pretty boy Brutus strutting around the ring and Greg the Hammer, the tough son-of-a-gun, second generation wrestler that just wanted to get out there and fisticuff, fight, beat up people, break people’s legs. The combination of the two just attracted a lot of attention and caught the fans eyes. The fans liked it.

Eric: How did the Barber persona come into being?

Brutus Beefcake: I don’t know who’s idea it was. I think it was something Pat Patterson came up with probably. His roommate was a barber, a hair stylist.

The idea came out of an angle I worked against Adrian Adonis. We had a match with Rick Martel and he (Adrian Adonis) cut my hair kind of by accident. And then we wound up at odds against each another.

When Roddy Piper had the match at WrestleMania III and won and was going to shave Adrian’s head, I came out, I brought Piper the shears, the scissors, and all that stuff because I was friends with Piper. Piper handed them back to me and said that “You know what, he cut your hair, now it’s your turn, you get to cut his hair. Go Get him.” So I did.

After that, the office gave me scissors and a white coat and said “Now you’re the Barber”. Really, I was kind of horrified by it because Brutus Beefcake was super red-hot, a great personality, it was a great gimmick, and why would you want to change something that’s red hot and on fire.

Eric: Back in the day, you used to wear some interesting outfits. Were they created by you or someone in the WWE and who had to pay for them?

Brutus Beefcake: They were created by a guy in Florida that Hulk turned me onto. He made rock-n-roll outfits for rockers like Cher, Jimi Hendrix, and a lot of top performers over the years. He and I worked together to create the outfits and I had to pay for all of them.

Eric: There have been many wrestling autobiographies to hit the market in recent years and I was wondering if you planned on writing one?

Brutus Beefcake: It is in the works right now.

Eric: Is there anything else you would like to let my readers know?

Brutus Beefcake: Well I just want everybody to know that all this stuff with the Hulkster that’s going on, with his family, people say that it’s all put on and everything. People go through trials and have problems in their lives. God knows that I’ve had some hard times and God helped me though it. Hulk has kind of come to that realization too and God has helped him through some tough times. He has split with his wife. His son was going through a tough thing in jail. Tell your readers that Hulk is a very tough individual. He’s a good man and he will prevail. He is going to make a heck of a comeback, he and his family. I am going to be side-by-side right with him because we are and always have been friends for life. I support him 100% and he supports me 100%. Together, there’s nothing that we can’t accomplish.

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