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The History of WWE Studios


WWE Films was created in 2002 as a subsidiary of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. The first three theatrical film production credits the company got were for The Scorpion King, The Rundown, and Walking Tall. All of these films starred “The Rock”; before he started to get credited as Dwayne Johnson. In 2004, the company produced their first film, The Mania of WrestleMania, which was a behind-the-scenes documentary of WrestleMania XIX. In 2008, the division was renamed WWE Studios. The following is a list of the films the company has either been the sole producer of or had a significant role in the co-production of.

See No Evil [R] (2006)

See No Evil Promo Image
Lionsgate / WWE

Their first theatrical release was a horror movie starring Kane. He plays the part of a psychopath named Jacob Goodnight, a killer who lures a bunch of juvenile delinquents and their adult supervisor to a rotting motel to add to his eyeball collection. Why would he collect human eyeballs? Growing up, Jacob was locked in a cage with pornographic material. Whenever he would touch himself, his mommy would get mad and force him to wash the evil out of his eyes. Jacob made the transition to adulthood by locking women in a cage and touching himself.

The Marine [PG-13] (2006)

© 2006: Lionsgate & WWE Films

John Cena plays the part of John Triton, a US Marine that was recently honorably discharged from the corps. Due to having difficulty coping with his new life, he decides to go on vacation with his wife. Unfortunately, while at a gas station, she is kidnapped by a gang of jewel thieves. The movie also stars Kelly Clarkson and Robert Patrick.

The Condemned [R] (2007)

© 2007: Lionsgate & WWE Films

Steve Austin plays the part of Jack Conrad, a convict awaiting execution who finds himself cast in an illegal Internet broadcast. Jack and nine other death row inmates from around the world are put on an island where last to survive wins their freedom. The movie also features Vinnie Jones.

Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia [R] (2009)

© 2009 World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

This film, which is the third in the Behind Enemy Lines franchise, does not feature a continuation of the plot from the previous two films. This marks the first direct-to-video release for the company and also is the only film on this list where the company has co-producing credits. In addition, despite the cover of the video release, Mr. Kennedy, now known as Mr. Anderson, is not the leading star of the film. As the title suggests, Mr. Kennedy plays the part of a military man whose group is trapped behind enemy lines in Colombia.

12 Rounds [PG-13] (2009)

© 2009 Twentieth Century Fox. All Rights Reserved.

John Cena returns to the silver screen in what has been the final wide-release of a film for WWE Studios. In this film, John's character is a New Orleans detective who has to go through a series of challenges in order to save his kidnapped girlfriend from a criminal he has had a previous encounter with. The film also stars Ashley Scott and Aidan Gillen and was directed by Renny Harlin.

The Marine 2 [R] (2009)

© 2009 Twentieth Century Fox. All Rights Reserved.

This sequel to The Marine stars Ted DiBiase Jr. who plays the part of a Marine sniper whose wife has been kidnapped by a group of local rebels holding her and her co-workers hostage. This film is the last movie the company has made with an R-rating and the last released prior to their current agreement with Samuel Goldywn Films.

Legendary [PG-13] (2010)

© 2010 World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

This movie was the first under a new distribution deal with Samuel Goldwyn Films. The new business plan involves having family friendly films released in a very limited engagement and them put out on DVD and Blu-ray a few weeks later. This marks the third appearance for John Cena in a movie produced by the company. However, he is a co-star in the film and not the lead. The movie also features Patricia Clarkson, Devon Graye, and Danny Glover. Devon's character uses amateur wrestling to bring his estranged family back together.

Knucklehead [PG-13] (2010)

© 2010 World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The Big Show is one of the stars of the first comedy produced by WWE Studios. His character, Walter Krunk, was an orphan that still lives in the orphanage he grew up in. When the orphanage needs money to stay open, his path crosses with a fight promoter who teaches him to fight and books him for a tournament. The movie also stars Mark Feurstein, Melora Hardin, and Dennis Farina.

The Chaperone [PG-13] (2011)

© 2011 WWE Studios

Triple H is the star of this film. He plays the part of a wheel man that was recently released from prison and is trying to rebuild the relationship with his daughter that he lost while away. Hijinks ensue when he accidentally gets a hold of his old gang's money and they follow him on a field trip he is taking with his daughter's class.

That's What I Am [PG] (2011)

© 2011 WWE, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Randy Orton is the featured WWE performer in this movie. However, he is only relegated to a few scenes of this movie which stars Ed Harris and Chase Ellison. The movie is set in the '60s and follows a student as he deals with several life lessons including tolerance and his first kiss.

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