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Top 10 Pro Wrestling Stories of 2007


Pro wrestling was in the news this year, but for all the wrong reasons. This year will forever be remembered as the year of death, drugs, and injuries.

1. Benoit Family Tragedy

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On June 25, 2007, the bodies of former WCW and World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy Benoit, and their 7-year old son Daniel Benoit were found by police. The police determined that over the course of the weekend, Chris murdered his wife and child and then killed himself.

2. The Media Embarrasses Themselves

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Did you know that Sherri Martel and the Benoit family died the same weekend? How about Chris being depressed over being demoted from the Four Horsemen to RAW? The media pundits proved that it doesn't matter whether they represent the right or the left, they are just idiots. The only mistake I am glad was made was that Nancy Grace incorrectly cited a piece of work from this site on her show as being created by someone else. At first I was mad by this error, but after reflecting on it, I am now glad that my name and this site were not a part of this debacle.

3. The WWE Suspends 10 Wrestlers on One Day for Wellness Policy Violations

As part of the Signature Pharmacy case that rocked the entire sports world, the WWE suspended 10 wrestlers for their involvement in it. Many have knocked the WWE for doing this and claimed that it was only a public relations stunt designed to cover up the flaws of their Wellness Policy and went on to mock the WWE for needing the government to point out who was using drugs. Ironically, almost every name in the Mitchell report comes from multiple government cases. The difference between the WWE and MLB is that the WWE suspended their wrestlers immediately when the names came out.

4. Injuries

Prior to this year, in the entire history of the WWE, the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship have only been vacated twice due to injury. This year, that total was doubled when Edge and John Cena were both forced to vacate their titles due to pectoral muscle injuries. In addition to these injuries, almost every main eventer saw some significant time on the disabled list this year. Just some of the main eventers injured this year include the Undertaker, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Lashley.

5. Donald Trump Puts his Hair on the Line

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images
Any other year, this would have been number one. The Battle of the Billionaires started when "Trump" beat "Rosey" with the aid of Fudgie the Whale. Trump came out a few weeks later and told Vince that he could provide the people with what they really wanted and proceeded to make it rain money. Vince couldn't stand being humiliated and entered into a proxy wager with the Donald. If Umage beat Lashley then Donald would lose his hair. However, Lashley won the battle at WrestleMania 23 and the world was left still wondering what is on the head of Trump.

6. Hogan Family Drama

Tim Boyles/Getty Images
After winning the Father of the Year Award, things went very bad for the Hogan family very quickly. This summer, Nick Hogan was involved in a car crash that left his friend with severe permanent injuries. There are many reports alleging that Hulk might have supplied his son with alcohol earlier in the day and it also appears that Nick's parents didn't care about his history of speeding. A few months later, Linda filed for divorce from the Hulkster. Some have speculated that this is due to Nick's accident, others have suggested this has to do with Hulk not wanting to waste anymore money on Brooke's career, and some have even implied that this is all a scam just to protect their assets from the inevitable lawsuit relating to Nick's crash.

7. Pacman Jones Enters the Ring

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Adam "Pacman" Jones was signed to wrestle for TNA Wrestling. Too bad that his Titans contract didn't allow him to. Even though he couldn't wrestle, he became one-half of the tag team champions. Wrestling fans didn't want any part of the disgraced football player and every mention about this in the media was overwhelmingly negative. The moral of this story is that if your motto is "We are Wrestling" then the people you put championship belts on shouldn't be prohibited from wrestling.

8. Kevin Federline Beats John Cena

Jeff Gentner/Getty Images
You knew this was going to be a strange year when the first televised match of the year featured Kevin Federline beat WWE Champion John Cena in a non-title match. However, that didn't prove to be K-Fed's biggest surprise this year. He actually looked like a role model of a parent this year when compared to his ex-wife.

9. The Death of the Fabulous Moolah

The Fabulous Moolah was the most important woman in the history of professional wrestling. In a year in which the media was covering the death of wrestlers with less than pristine motives, it was nice to see people that you normally wouldn't think cared about wrestling pay homage to the Fabulous Moolah.

10. The End of the PPV Brand Split

2007 saw the WWE end the brand split in regards to PPV. This was great for wrestling fans who now could see the top stars of all three WWE brands (RAW, SmackDown, and ECW) for the same price that they were paying to see the lesser stars of only one brand.
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