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The History of Televised WWE Weddings

WWE Weddings


The History of Televised WWE Weddings

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon had two marriage ceremonies on WWE television and one in real life.

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Stephanie McMahon & Triple H - RAW 2/11/02
A few years later, Stephanie & Hunter were on the verge of a divorce. She concocted a scheme to renew their vows when she hired an actor to portray a doctor to tell Triple H that she was pregnant. Prior to the ceremony, Triple H found out the truth but didn't reveal it until the end of the ceremony. He gave his father-in-law the pedigree and then let Stephanie know that it was over between them.

Billy & Chuck - SmackDown! 9/12/02
This commitment ceremony got mainstream publicity because it involved two men. The marriage ceremony was performed by a rickety old man. Before the ceremony ended, both wrestlers backed out and said it was only a publicity stunt and then blamed their manager Rico. The minister then took his mask off to reveal he was really RAW GM Eric Bischoff. He then had his team, 3-Minute Warning attack Billy and Chuck.

Al Wilson & Dawn Marie - SmackDown! 1/2/03
Al Wilson is the real-life father of former Diva and Playboy cover girl Torrie Wilson. Dawn Marie was another WWE Diva that put the moves on Torrie’s dad to further their feud. After a few months, they were married on TV. Dawn made her fiancé get married in his tidy whities. During the honeymoon, Dawn oversexed the elderly Al Wilson and he had a fatal heart attack.

Lita & Kane - RAW 8/23/04
To prevent her boyfriend Matt Hardy from being beaten up by Kane, Lita had sex with Kane. During this encounter, Lita became pregnant. A few weeks later, Matt lost a match to Kane which stipulated that Lita would have to marry Kane. When Matt tried to stop the ceremony, Kane beat him up. A few months later, Kane and Lita lost their child when Gene Snitsky accidentally injured Lita during a match he was having against Kane.

Edge & Lita - RAW 6/20/05
On TV, Kane and Lita were married and were getting along better since they both shared the grief of losing their child. In real-life, Lita's boyfriend was Matt Hardy and she cheated on him with their friend Edge. Matt Hardy went public with this story on his website and he was promptly fired by WWE. The fans turned on Lita and WWE had to do something since the fans were booing the "good guy" Lita. During a match between Edge and Kane, Lita turned on Kane. A few weeks later, she threw her wedding ring down the toilet. Edge and Lita's marriage ceremony was broken up by Kane who was hiding under the ring.

Teddy Long & Kristal - SmackDown 9/21/07
For the first time, the rosters of ECW and SmackDown were in attendance for a ceremony. It was first disrupted by Jillian singing. Then the Godfather came out and most of the men on the rosters left to join his Ho Train. Then, Vince McMahon's leprechaun son, Hornswoggle, crawled under Kristal's gown and was followed by Jonathan Coachman. When order was finally restored, Teddy Long had a heat attack just as he was about to say "I Do". The cause of his heart attack appeared to be that he took some Viagra before the wedding.

Edge & Vickie Guerrero - SmackDown 7/18/08
The wedding ceremony took place earlier in the day and highlights from it were shown at the beginning of the telecast. The wedding reception was featured during the show as La Familia set up their table at the top of the ramp. As the GM of SmackDown, Vickie Guerrero was able to make matches for her family's amusement. The end of the telecast featured Triple H show a video he secretly recorded of Edge making out with the wedding planner, Alicia Fox.

Goldust & Aksana - WWE NXT 11/2/10
Goldust was the NXT pro for Aksana, a native of Lithuania. Unfortunately, her time on the show was in jeopardy because of an immigration issue. Goldust decided to marry her to keep her in the country. His wedding outfit included the Million Dollar Belt which he had recently stolen from Ted DiBiase Junior. When the preacher asked if anyone objected to the wedding, the preacher said he did because he had a price. Ted DiBiase Junior's plan to stop the wedding by bribe the preacher backfired because Dusty Rhodes lined up Ted's father as backup. After "The Million Dollar Man" officially announced the couple as husband and wife, the time for the kiss came. Aksana slapped Goldust before he could kiss her and then stormed out of the arena. A few weeks later, immediately following her elimination from NXT, Goldust handed her divorce papers.

Maxine & Johnny Curtis - WWE NXT 1/18/12
Maxine used to date Derrick Bateman until he sent an email to Teddy Long that almost sabotaged her career. She then decided to marry Johnny Curtis. At the wedding, Derrick interrupted the ceremony and showed security footage that proved Johnny used his phone to send that email. Derrick and Maxine beat up Johnny Curtis and then kissed one another to renew their relationship.

Daniel Bryan & AJ - RAW 1,000 7/23/12
Daniel Bryan and AJ were a couple for a several months until he broke up with her after he lost the World Heavyweight Championship to Sheamus in only a few seconds at WrestleMania XXVIII. Daniel blamed her for the loss because it happened right after she gave him a good luck kiss. After months of flirting with both Kane and CM Punk, AJ accepted a marriage proposal from Daniel Bryan the week before RAW 1,000. The wedding was presided over by Slick and seemed to go off without a hitch until AJ said that she was saying "yes" to another proposal. Vince McMahon came out and announced that AJ accepted his business proposal and that she was being named the new General Manager of Monday Night RAW.

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