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The History of Televised WWE Weddings


The History of Televised WWE Weddings

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon had two marriage ceremonies on WWE television and one in real life.

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In 50-year history of WWE, there have been 16 televised wedding ceremonies or receptions. There are many things that fans have learned over the years thanks to these ceremonies. If you don't know what to buy the couple, a cobra might be a bad idea. If you want to marry that someone special, the marriage might last longer if your partner is conscious for the wedding. Forcing your partner to marry you by either kidnapping or blackmailing them does not seem to provide a long and healthy marriage. Most importantly, if you are in poor health, be very careful on the honeymoon.

Paul Vachon & Ophelia - Tuesday Night Titans 1984
Paul Vachon married Ophelia in the ring with only the heel personalities of the era in attendance. Captain Lou Albano objected to the wedding at first, but once he found out that Ophelia wasn't a virgin, he had no problems with letting the wedding continue. "Dr. D" David Schultz entered the ring after the vows were exchanged and body slammed the groom. At the reception, Dr. D started a food fight.

Uncle Elmer & Joyce - Saturday's Night Main Event 10/5/85
This wedding took place on the second edition of Saturday's Night Main Event. When the audience was asked if anyone objected to this marriage, Roddy Piper came out and said the wrestling ring was no place to get married and insulted Uncle Elmer and the rest of his hillbilly family. On commentary, Jesse Ventura made fun of the couple and went so far as to say that their kiss looked like "two carp going after the same piece of corn". The night ended with Ventura's face being smashed into the wedding cake. The most amazing part of this story is that Hillbilly Jim told me the ceremony was legitimate and that Uncle Elmer and Joyce really left the Meadowlands as husband and wife.

Miss Elizabeth & Randy Savage - SummerSlam 8/26/91
This wedding took place at Madison Square Garden and was the final segment of the second biggest pay-per-view (PPV) of the year. Nothing out of the ordinary happened happened during the ceremony. However, the next week on television, the low-lights of the reception were shown. Jake Robert's gift box contained a cobra. Undertaker gave the more fashionable steel chair to the back of the head to Savage. A huge feud developed between Roberts and Savage which was highlighted by a cobra gnawing on the arm of the "Macho Man".

Stephanie McMahon & The Undertaker - RAW 4/26/99
This "Unholy Ceremony" took place during the height of the Vince McMahon vs. Steve Austin feud. Undertaker kidnapped Stephanie and was forcing her into this dark marriage to please the higher power. The ceremony was presided over by Paul Bearer while Stephanie was in a black dress and attached to Undertaker's sacrificial symbol. Undertaker's Corporate Ministry tried to prevent Stephanie from being saved but Steve Austin was able to interrupt the ceremony. He was thanked by his new friend Vince McMahon, who a few weeks later was revealed to be the higher power.

Stephanie McMahon & Test - RAW 11/29/99
This was supposed to be a classy ceremony. As a precaution, Vince McMahon said that if Triple H or any members of D-Generation X ruined the ceremony they would be fired. When the crowd was asked if anyone objected, Triple H appeared and showed the following film.

Stephanie McMahon & Triple H - RAW 11/29/99
During her bachelorette party, Stephanie was drugged. Triple H then took her to a drive through wedding chapel and got married even though she was unconscious. At the next PPV, Vince fought Triple H with the stipulation that if he won then the marriage would be annulled. During the match, Stephanie turned on her father and started the McMahon-Helmsley era with her husband.

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