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2007 Pro Wrestling Year in Review


2007 Pro Wrestling Year in Review

Donald Trump shaves Vince McMahon bald at WrestleMania 23

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images
2007 was a year that many wrestling fans would care to forget. It wasn't because of anything inside of the ring; it is because of the horrors that took place outside of the ring this year.

10 Biggest Stories of the Year
There is no doubt that this year will always be remembered for the heinous actions of Chris Benoit.

10 Biggest Question to be Answered in 2008
Why will wrestling fans be watching C-Span and the Weather Channel in 2008?

2007 PPV Results and Recaps
Between the WWE and TNA there were 27 PPV events this year. That is one less than in 2006 due to the cancellation of December to Dismember. Next year will see the number drop to 26 because of the cancellation of New Year's Revolution.

2007 Title Changes
2007 saw the creation of one new TNA title and possibly the swan song for a WWE Championship.

2007 About.com Pro Wrestling Awards

  • Turkey of the Year: The biggest disgrace in the NFL polluted wrestling rings this year.
  • Rookie of the Year: 1/2 Man + 1/2 Amazing = Rookie of the Year.
  • Feud of the Year: Even the Hell in a Cell couldn't settle the differences between these two men.
  • Most Hated Wrestler of the Year: Making out with the widow of one of the most beloved wrestlers of all-time is a sure way to win this award.
  • Most Popular Wrestler of the Year: How is it possible that the most popular wrestler gets a mixed crowd reaction?
  • Tag Team of the Year: In 2007, this team became the only team in WWE history to hold both the WWE and World Tag Team Championships in the same year.
  • Match of the Year: Sometimes, you don't always get what you pay for.
  • Wrestler of the Year: Not only did he prove to wrestling fans that he could wrestle, he also showed us that he knew how to drive a NASCAR car on Fast Cars and Superstars
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