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6/13 ECW Recap


- Paul Heyman introduces Rob Van Dam to the crowd and gives him the new ECW World Championship belt. Van Dam accepts it and also keeps the WWE Title so he now is carrying around two title belts. Edge and Lita comes out and say that they respect RVD and they both shake his hand. Edge then delivers the spear to RVD and tries to leave through the crowd. John Cena is also in the crowd and Edge and Cena start to fight. When their fight goes to ringside, Cena and RVD take turns beating up Edge. When Edge leaves through the crowd, Cena delivers a punch to Paul Heyman and leaves through the crowd. The ECW locker room then empties out to check on Paul Heyman.

- In the back, an angry Paul Heyman is with several ECW stars and says that if RAW wants to show up on ECW then he will show up on Monday Night RAW with ECW.

The Zombie vs The Sandman – The Zombie gets on the mic and starts moaning until The Sandman’s new music plays. The Sandman bloodies his head by smashing a beer can on his head before he enters the ring. Once in the ring he uses his Singapore cane to beat up The Zombie and get the win. After the match, The Zombie is caned to the back. Winner: The Sandman

- Kelly is in the back and says that she is an exhibitionist and will take off her clothes for us tonight.

- The entire Tazz vs Lawler match from One Night Stand is shown including the ring entrances. The crowd chants are edited out.

Kurt Angle vs Justin Credible – For those unfamiliar with Justin Credible he was a former ECW World Champion. He was no match for Kurt Angle who won with a choke hold. This was Credible’s worst televised performance since his days in the WWF as Aldo Montoya. Kurt Angle then gets on the microphone and accepts Randy Orton’s challenge for Vengeance. Winner: Kurt Angle

- Paul Heyman is in the back and announces that there will be an extreme battle royal with weapons. The winner of the match will get a match against John Cena at Vengeance.

- Kelli is shown in the back again and promises to show us her assets when the show returns from commercial break.

- There is a vampire outside the arena.

- Kelli goes on a stage set up by the entrance and starts her striptease. When it is over, the camera focuses on the announce table where the most entertaining part of the show takes place. There is a guy in the front row yawning and then making believe he is falling asleep.

Extreme Battle Royal: Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, Danny Doring, Amish Roadkill, Al Snow, Stevie Richards, Little Guido, Big Guido, Tony Mamaluke, Balls Mahoney, and The Big Show. – The winner of this match will face John Cena at Vengeance. It has to be noted that Trinity (formerly in TNA) is with The FBI. The match starts with The Big Show throwing all the men out of the ring through the ropes where there are garbage cans full of weapons. The show goes to break with only The Big Show left in the ring. When the match returns, everyone but The Big Show has a weapon in hand. He doesn’t need one because he eliminated everyone until the final three. Big Show eliminated Big Guido. Big Guido held on to the hand of The Big Show and Sabu used a chair on the back of The Big Show to eliminate him and win the match. Winner: Sabu

Match Results:

    - The Sandman beat The Zombie
    - Kurt Angle beat
    - Extreme Battle Royal: Sabu won the battle royal
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