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Beginner's Guide to Pro Wrestling

The Beginner's Guide to Pro Wrestling
  1. Glossary Terms (101)
  2. News Sites (4)
  3. Wrestling Moves (3)

Readers’ Tips for Getting WWE Tickets
Readers share their tips for getting great tickets to WWE events

How to Buy WWE Tickets
Several tips to nab great seats to WWE events.

Secrets of the Wrestler
This article features the answers to the questions that many people have had about the wrestling scenes in The Wrestler.

Wrestling Secrets Exposed
Just like magic, the world of wrestling is highly secretive in nature. For decades, the wrestlers spoke in their own language to keep the secret of their sport alive. Just two decades ago, John Stossel was beaten up for daring to ask a wrestler if wrestling was real. Today, the secret is out of the bag.

Top 10 Most Important Wrestling Terms
The world of pro wrestling has its own language. These are the 10 essential terms anyone following the sport must know.

Wrestling 101
This will explain the very basics of wrestling. How does a wrestler win a match? What is the difference between RAW and SmackDown? Why is the WWF now known as the WWE?

10 essential wrestling terms
The 10 wrestling terms every fan must know.

Pro Wrestling Glossary
The definitions of 101 wrestling terms.

Specialty Matches
Sometimes the regular rules of wrestling are not enough when combatants are feuding. This is a listing of the different types of matches that are typically used to end a feud.

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