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The books written by pro wrestlers about their life and the wrestling industry.

Adnan Al Kasie - The Sheik of Baghdad
Tales of celebrity and terror from pro wrestling's General Adnan

Adrian Street - Shake Wrestle 'N Roll
Highspots Synopsis: "We are now circling the Pink Planet, fasten your safety belts, you are now entering the colorful world of Exotic Adrian Street - Wrestling's World Middleweight Champion - 5 time European Heavyweight Champion - American Champion - etc. - etc. - etc. Often called the world's most beautiful wrestler, especially by himself."

Angelo Mosca - Tell Me to My Face
In addition to being a successful wrestler, King Kong Mosca was a star in the Canadian Football League and played in a record nine Grey Cups.

Animal - The Road Warrios
Joe "Animal" Laurinaitis was one-half of arguably the greatest tag team in wrestling history, The Road Warriors. With Hawk, they became the only men to win the World Tag Team Championships of the AWA, NWA, and WWF. (Review)

Arn Anderson - 4 Ever: A Look Behind the Curtain
From Arn Anderson as he wrote on Amazon: "My autobiography is about the wrestling business and my 15 years in it. I will discuss the Horseman days, WWF and my career before Ole & I became a tag team. The book will have other interesting pieces from my time on the road, and my relationships with other wrestlers and promoters. "

Assassin - The Man Behind the Mask
The Assassin is one of the most famous masked wrestlers ever and has been immortalized by a picture of being headlocked by President Jimmy Carter.

Batista - Batista Unleashed
Batista wrote this book shortly after losing the title to the Undertaker at WrestleMania 23. (Review)

Bill DeMott - The Last Laugh
Bill DeMott is most famous in the ring for portraying the character of Hugh Morrus. However, he is probably most known for being a trainer for several seasons on WWE Tough Enough.

Bill Goldberg - I'm Next
Price Grabber Synopsis: "In this memoir, wrestling star Bill Goldberg explains how he became involved with Ted Turner's World Wrestling Championship organization. Recalling his days as an NFL star with the Atlanta Falcons, he explains how a devastating abdominal injury terminated his football career."

Bill Watts - The Cowboy and the Cross
Bill made the leap from pro wrestler to owning his own territory. He went on to run WCW. He also openly discusses his religious beliefs.

Billy Graham - Tangled Ropes
Billy is a former WWE champion and for a time was on the outs with the WWE.

Bobby Heenan - Wrestling's Bad Boy Tells All
Price Grabber Synopsis: "Bobby Heenan tells the story of his life and career, from his early days spent wrestling bears in Canada, to a successful career in professional wrestling and his life as a devoted family man."

Bobby Heenan - Chair Shots and Other Obstacles
In his second book, Bobby discusses dealing with obstacles.

Blackjack Mulligan- True Lies and Alibis: The Blackjack Mulligan Story
Blackjack Mulligan is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, played football in the AFL, is the father of Barry & Kendall Windham, and spent some time in jail for counterfeiting.

Bret Hart - Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling
The biggest and the best book ever written about professional wrestling. (Review)

Brock Lesnar - Death Clutch
The former WWE Champion discusses his many accomplishments in the world of athletics as well as the battle for his life against diverticulitis. (Review)

Bruce Hart - Straight From the Hart
Bruce Hart is the second oldest son of Stu and Helen Hart.

Bruno Lauer - Wrestling With the Truth
Bruno Lauer, better known to wrestling fans as Downtown Bruno & Harvey Wippleman, is a former WWE Women's Champion. That is not a typo, he is a former Women's Champion.

Bruno Sammartino - An Autobiography of Wrestling's Living Legend
Bruno Sammartino has held the WWE Championship longer than any other wrestler.

Chris Jericho - A Lion's Tale
Chris Jericho's first autobiography details all the events in his life that led up to his debut with World Wrestling Entertainment. (Review)

Chris Jericho - Undisputed
Chris Jericho's second autobiography takes place from the time he enters the WWE in 1999 until he is about to make his return to the company in 2007. (Review)

Chyna - If They Only Knew
This book reached #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list.

Corporal Kirschner - Corporal Punishment
Corporal Kirschner wrestled in the WWE at WrestleMania 2 against Nikolai Volkoff. In Japan, he wrestled as Leatherface.

D-Generation X: Are You Ready? The Unauthorized History of DX
This autobiography is written by both Triple H and Shawn Michaels. (review)

Dallas Page - Feel the Bang
Price Grabber Synopsis: "The professional wrestler known as "Diamond Dallas Page" recounts his boyhood on the New Jersey shore, his experiences in the nightclub business, his struggle to succeed in wrestling, and the many changes in his life."

Dustin Rhodes - Cross Rhodes: Goldust, Out of the Darkness
Dustin Rhodes is the son of Dusty Rhodes who found great fame as Goldust. (Review)

Dusty Rhodes - Reflections of an American Dream
Dusty Rhodes was at one time the most popular wrestler in the world. He has held the NWA title on several occasions and is the father of Goldust.

Dutch Mantell - The World According to Dutch
Dutch Mantell had a successful wrestling career on-screen and behind-the scenes where he is credited for giving many successful wrestlers their big break in the Memphis territory.

Dutch Mantell - Tales From a Dirt Road
This is the sequel to The World According to Dutch.

Dynamite Kid - Pure Dynamite
The Dynamite Kid was one half of the British Bulldogs. Dynamite has suffered many injuries throughout his career and is now confined to a wheel chair.

Eddie Guerrero - Stealing Life Cheating Death
Price Grabber Synopsis: "A self-portrait of wrestling superstar Eddie Guerrero describes his youth in Mexico, his rise to success in the world of professional wrestling, his battle with drug addiction, the car accident that nearly ended his life, and his miraculous recovery and successful return to the ring."

Edge - Adam Copeland on Edge
Price Grabber Synopsis: "The WWE star shares the story of his life in a no-holds-barred account of what it takes to achieve success in the world of sports entertainment as a professional wrestler, describing his personal life and rise to success following his 1993 professional debut."

Eric Bischoff - Controversy Creates Cash
The former head of WCW looks back at his time in the business and the war between the WWF and WCW.

Evan Ginzburg - Apartment 4-B, Like in Brooklyn
Evan Ginzburg is a talent agent for pro wrestlers and the host of Legends Radio. This book details his life growing up in Brooklyn as the racial complexion of his neighborhood changed.

Fabulous Moolah - First Goddess of the Squared Circle
Price Grabber Synopsis:"This memoir by the long-time women's champion wrestler known as The Fabulous Moolah tells of the early days of the sport, where she survived on $50 per week as she traveled across the country to carnival-like local venues where she often played the villain."

Frank Gotch - Wrestling
Gotch wrote this book about wrestling shortly after winning the World Heavyweight Championship from George Hackenschmidt in 1908. (review)

Freddie Blassie - Listen You Pencil Knecked Geek
Price Grabber Synopsis: "Chronicles the more than forty-year career of wrestling icon "Classy" Freddie Blassie, one of the first superstars of the sport, from the early days of television, through his championship sojourn in the ring, to his management of such new wrestling stars as Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Jesse Ventura."

Gary Hart - My Life in Wrestling
The autobiography of "Playboy" Gary Hart was released posthumously. (review)

Gary Michael Capetta - Bodyslams: Memoirs of a Wrestling Pitchman
Gary has been the ring announcer for the NWA, WCW, WWE, ECW, and the AWA.

Gene LeBell - The Toughest Man Alive
In addition to being a former wrestling champion, Gene holds championships in Judo and also was a Hollywood stunt man.

Gordon Solie - ...Something Left Behind
Pictures and poetry from the collection of the greatest play-by-play man in wrestling history.

Harley Race - King of the Ring
Harley was a multiple time holder of the NWA World Championship and later became the first King in WWE history.

Hulk Hogan - Hollywood Hulk Hogan
PriceGrabber Synopsis: "The superstar wrestler and hero of his own cartoon series recounts his 20-plus years in and out of the ring."

Hulk Hogan - My Life Outside the Ring
This is Hulk Hogan's second autobiography which focuses on his family problems - (Review)

Ivan Koloff - Is That Wrestling Real? The Bear Facts.
Ivan Koloff is a former WWE Champion. He beat Bruno Sammartino to win the title.

Jack Brisco - Brisco
Jack is a former NWA World Champion and NCAA Champion.

James J. Dillon - Wrestlers are Like Seagulls
JJ Dillon was the original manager of the infamous Four Horsemen.

JBL - Have More Money Now
This is a combination autobiography and personal finance book.

Jerry Lawler - It's Good to be the King...Sometimes
PriceGrabber Synopsis: "Credited with the most championship titles of all time, Lawler attained iconic status when he smacked comedian Andy Kaufman during a broadcast of Late Night with David Letterman. Here, he recounts his years in the WWF and as host of his own radio and television show."

Jerry Jarrett - The Story of the Development of NWATNA
Jery Jarrett discusses the formative days of TNA wrestling.

Jerry Jarrett - The Best of Times
Jerry Jarrett has promoted wrestling for over 50 years. He is most famous for his work in the Memphis territory and for being a founder of TNA with his son Jeff.

Jim Duggan: "Hacksaw" - The Jim Duggan Story
Despite never winning a title while in the WWE, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan remains one of the most famous wrestlers that wrestled for the company during the '80s. He was known for his patriotism and bringing his 2x4 to the ring. (Review)

Jimmy Hart - The Mouth of the South
Jimmy Hart is one of the most famous managers in wrestling history. He is famous for bringing his megaphone to the ring.

Kurt Angle - It's True, It's True
PriceGrabber Synopsis: "The autobiography of the WWF Superstar who was an Olympic Gold Medalist and, later, a holder of the world championship belt--after having defeated Steve Austin. Angle discusses his athletic prowess and his values."

Lance Storm - Storm Warning (Tales from StormWrestling.com)
This e-book contains blogs from Lance's website which were written while he wrestled for ECW and WCW.

Lanny Poffo - Wrestling With Rhyme
Lanny os the brother of Randy Savage. "Leaping" Lanny is best known for reciting poetry before his matches and later became known as the Genius.

Larry Nelson - Stranglehold
Larry is best known as being an annonucer for the American Wrestling Association.

Larry Zbyszko - Adventures in Larryland!
Wrestling's self-proclaimed Living Legend earned that moniker during his feud with Bruno Sammartino that culminated in a steel cage match held at Shea Stadium.

Linda Hogan - Wrestling the Hulk
Linda Hogan was the ex-wife of Hulk Hogan. In this book, she discusses her relationship with him and the media frenzy that engulfed the family. (Review)

Lita - A Less Traveled R.O.A.D.
PriceGrabber Synopsis: "A portrait of the WWE champion woman wrestler describes her origins as a rock musician and martial arts student, efforts to challenge limited perspectives about women in the wrestling circuit, struggles to overcome a debilitating injury, and development of personalized moves."

Lou Thesz - Hooker
Lou Thesz is a former NWA World Champion that many consider to be the greatest wrestler of all-time.

Martha Hart - Broken Harts: The Life and Death of Owen Hart
Martha Hart is the widow of Owen Hart. Her book is about their life together and gives details about Owen's tragic death as well as the personal and legal aftermath of this tragedy.

Mick Foley - Have a Nice Day
The first wrestling book to reach number 1 on the New York Times Best Seller list.

Mick Foley - Foley is Good
This is the sequel to Have a Nice Day.

Mick Foley - The Hardcore Diaries
Mick's third autobiography details the events leading to his match at ECW One Night Stand 2006.

Mick Foley - Countdown to Lockdown
Mick's fourth autobiography takes a look back at his departure from World Wrestling Entertainment and counts down the days leading to his TNA World Championship match against Sting. (Review)

The Missing Link - Bang Your Head
Dewey Robertson discusses his life in wrestling an being forced to live the character of the green faced Missing Link.

Missy Hyatt - The First Lady of Wrestling
This book details her life and gives graphic details about her love life including details about many famous wrestlers and sports stars that I didn't want to know.

Nikita Koloff - Wrestling With Success
Nikita Koloff used to be known as "The Russian Nightmare" and had an incredible feud with Magnum T.A. for the U.S. title

Ole Anderson - Inside Out
Ole is a founding member of the Four Horsemen and used to run the Georgia territory.

Paul Boesch - Much of me in Each of These
Paul Boesch is a former wrestler that used to run a territory based out of Texas.

Paul Ellering - Wrestling the Iditarod
Paul is most famous for being the manager of the Road Warriors. After the end of his wrestling career, Paul went on to compete in the Iditarod.

Paul Vachon - Wrestling With the Past
Paul "The Butcher" Vachon is a former AWA Tag team Champion and a member of the famous Vachon family. This book was released in 2012 and is the fourth book he has written. He had previously written a trilogy of wrestling books entitled When Wrestling Was Real. (Review)

Penny Banner - Banner Days
Penny was a female wrestler that started her career in 1961.

Rey Mysterio: Behind the Mask
Rey Mysterio is the most successful luchador in American wrestling history - (Review)

Ric Flair - To be the Man
PriceGrabber Synopsis: "An insider's look at the world of professional wrestling offers a hard-hitting account of his career, from his debut in 1972, the plane crash that nearly ended his success, his thirty years in the ring, and his colleagues, including Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, and Dusty Rhoades."

Roddy Piper - In the Pit With Piper
Roddy Piper is one of the msot famous wrestlers ever and his feud with Hulk Hogan gave birth to WrestleMania.

Shawn Michaels - Heartbreak & Triumph
PriceGrabber Synopsis: "One of the most charismatic showmen ever to grace a WWE ring recounts his life, his phenomenal career, and how he finally found the one thing that gave his life meaning--his faith."

Stan Hansen - The Last Outlaw
In addition to being a former AWA World Heavyweight Champion, Stan Hansen was also one of the most successful American wrestlers to wrestle in Japan.

Steve Austin - The Stone Cold Truth
PriceGrabber Synopsis: "Professional wrestler Steve Austin shares the story of his life. Photographs accompany the text."

Steve Williams - How Dr. Death Became Dr. Life
Steve Williams is a former Oklahoma Sooner football and wrestling star. In pro wrestling, he is a former UWF champion and a legend in Japan.

Sting - Moment of Truth
The life, wrestling career, and spiritual rebirth of the man called Sting.

Ted DiBiase - Every Man has his Price
"The Million Dollar Man" writes about his life, wrestling career, and spiritual rebirth.

Ted DiBiase: The Million Dollar Man by Ted DiBiase w/Tom Caizzo
This is Ted's second autobiography. (review)

Tery Funk - More Than Just Hardcore
Terry is a former NWA World Champion and considered the father of hardcore wrestling.

The Hardy Boyz - Exist 2 Inspire
PriceGrabber Synopsis: "HARDY BOYZ chronicles the rise of Matt and Jeff Hardy to super stardom in the world of professional wresting."

The Rock - The Rock Says
PriceGrabber Synopsis: "This memoir by the professional wrestler known as "The People's Champion" recounts Dwayne Johnson's life as the son and grandson of professional wrestlers, his years as a college football player, and his rise to the top of the World Wrestling Federation (W.W.F.) as "The Rock.""

Tony Atlas - Too Much To Soon
The former Mr. USA bodybuilder went on to become a WWE Hall of Famer.

Triple H - Making the Game
This book is part autobiography and half fitness training guide.

Vince Russo - Forgiven
Vince is the former writer of Monday Night RAW and went on to run WCW. This book goes up to the end of his WWF tenure. He looks back on his life from a before and after point of view based on his religious rebirth.

Vince Russo - Rope Opera: How WCW Killed Vince Russo
In this sequel to Forgiven, this book chronicles Vince's career in WCW and TNA.

William Regal - Walking a Golden Mile
PriceGrabber Synopsis: "A no-holds-barred look at William Regal and his rise to success in the world of professional wrestling describes his Blackpool, England, youth, his escape from a world of poverty and adversity, his struggle with a lifelong addiction to painkillers, and his sometimes bumpy path to the heights of the WWE."

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