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The History of Turning Point


The History of Turning Point

TNA Turning Point 2011 PPV Poster

© 2011 TNA Entertainment, LLC.

The event began in 2004 as the monthly December PPV. In 2008, the show moved to November. Since that move, it has been the big event event that immediately follows TNA biggest show of the year, Bound for Glory.

In 2013, the company changed their pay-per-view strategy.  As a result, the show is now a special edition of IMPACT WRESTLING.

Title Changes at Turning Point
2004: NWA Tag Team Championship - Team Canada (Bobby Roode & Eric Young) beat 3 Live Kru (Ron Killings & BG James)
2005: X-Division Championship - Samoa Joe beat AJ Styles
2011: Television Championship - Robbie E beat Eric Young
2011: Knockouts Championship - Gail Kim beat Velvet Sky

Turning Point 2004 - Universal Studios; Orlando, FL 12/5/04
- NWA Tag Team Championship: Team Canada (Bobby Roode & Eric Young) beat 3 Live Kru (Ron Killings & BG James) to win the titles
- Sonny Siaki, Hector Garza, & Sonjay Dutt beat Frankie Kazarian, Michael Shane, & Kid Kash
- Serenghetti Survival Match: Monty Brown beat Abyss
- Pat Kenney & Johnny B. Badd beat Glen Gilbertti & Johnny Swinger
- Dallas Page beat Raven
- X-Division Championship: Champion Petey Williams beat Chris Sabin
- Randy Savage, Jeff Hardy, & AJ Styles beat Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash & Scott Hall
- Losers Must Disband Tag Team Steel Cage Match: America's Most Wanted beat Triple X (Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper)

Turning Point 2005 - Universal Studios; Orlando, FL 12/11/05
- Barbed Wire Match: Sabu beat Abyss
- Matt Bentley & Austin Aries beat Alex Shelley & Roderick Strong
- Raven beat Chris K (Kanyon)
- Team Canada (Roode/A1/Young/Williams) beat 4 Live Kru (Kip James/BG James/Killings/Konnan)
- Dale Torborg, Sonjay Dutt, & Chris Sabin w/manager AJ Pierzynski beat Diamonds in the Rough
- Christian Cage beat Monty Brown
- Tables Match: Team 3-D beat America’s Most Wanted
- X-Division Championship: Samoa Joe beat AJ Styles to win the title
- NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Jeff Jarrett beat Rhino

Turning Point 2006 - Universal Studios; Orlando, FL 12/10/06
- Paparazzi Championship Series Elimination Match: Senshi beat Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Austin Starr, & Alex Shelley
- Bikini Contest: Eric Young beat Ms. Brooks
- X Division Championship: Champion Chris Daniels beat Chris Sabin in a match where Jerry Lynnwas the special guest referee
- AJ Styles beat Rhino
- Flag Match: The Latin American Exchange beat America’s Most Wanted
- NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Abyss beat Sting & Christian Cage
- Samoa Joe beat Kurt Angle

Turning Point 2007 - Universal Studios; Orlando, FL 12/2/07
- Tables Match: Team 3D & Johnny Devine beat The Motor City Machineguns & X Division Champion Jay Lethal
- Angelina Love and Velvet Sky beat ODB and Roxxi Laveaux
- Eric Young beat James Storm
- Feast or Fired Battle Royal: Scott Steiner, Petey Williams, Senshi, and BG James each won a suitcase
- Knockouts Championship: Champion Gail Kim beat Awesome Kong by DQ
- Match of 10,000 Tacks: Abyss & Raven (replacing Rhino) beat Black Reign & Rellik
- Booker T & Kaz beat Christian Cage & Robert Roode
- Samoa Joe, Kevin Nash, and Eric Young (replacing Scott Hall) beat TNA World Champion Kurt Angle & Tag Team Champions AJ Styles and Tomko

Turning Point 2008 - Universal Studios; Orlando, FL 11/9/08
- X Division Seeding Match: Eric Young beat Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed, Petey Williams, Jimmy Rave, Homicide, Doug Williams, Tanahashi, & Volador
- Taylor Wilde & Roxxi beat Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed
- Non-title Match: Rhino beat X Division Champion Sheik Abdul Bashir
- TNA World Tag Team Title Match: Champions Beer Money Inc. beat The Motor City Machineguns
- Legends Championship: Champion Booker T beat Christian Cage and as a result Christian was forced to join the Main Event Mafia
- Falls Count Anywhere Match: Kurt Angle beat Abyss
- Kevin Nash beat Samoa Joe
- TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Sting beat AJ Styles

Turning Point 2009 - Universal Studios; Orlando, FL 11/15/09
- X Division Championship: Champion Amazing Red beat Homicide
- All Titles on the Line: Knockouts Champion ODB and Tag Team Champions Sarita & Taylor Wilde beat The Beautiful People
- TNA Tag Team Championship: Champions The British Invasion beat Beer Money and the Motor City Machineguns
- Six Sides of Steel: Tara beat Awesome Kong
- Rhino & Team 3D beat Hernandez, Matt Morgan, & D'Angelo Dinero
- No DQ Falls Count Anywhere Match: Scott Steiner beat Lashley
- Kurt Angle beat Desmond Wolfe
- TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Champion AJ Styles beat Samoa Joe and Daniels

Turning Point 2010 - Universal Studios; Orlando, FL 11/7/10
- X Division Championship: Robbie E beat Jay Lethal to win the title
- Tara and Mickie James fought to a no contest
- TNA Tag Team Championship: Champions The Motor City Machine Guns beat Team 3D
- Rob Van Dam beat Tommy Dreamer
- Fortune (AJ Styles, Kazarian, Douglas Williams, James Storm, & Robert Roode) beat EV2 (Stevie Richards, Rhino, Sabu, Raven, & Brian Kendrick) and as a result Sabu was fired
- Lumberjack Match: Abyss beat D'Angelo Dinero
- Jeff Jarrett beat Samoa Joe
- TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Jeff Hardy beat Matt Morgan

Turning Point 2011 - Universal Studios; Orlando, FL 11/13/11
- TNA Television Championship: Robbie E beat Eric Young to win the title
- TNA Tag Team Championship: Champions Mexican America (Hernandez & Anarquia) and Sarita beat Ink Inc. (Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore) and Toxxin
- X Division Championship: Champion Austin Aries beat Kid Kash & Jesse Sorensen
- No DQ Match: Rob Van Dam beat Christopher Daniels
- Matt Morgan vs. Crimson ended in a Double Disqualification
- Mr. Anderson & Abyss beat Scott Steiner & Bully Ray
- Knockouts Championship: Gail Kim beat Velvet Sky to win the title
- Jeff Hardy beat Jeff Jarrett three times
- TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Bobby Roode beat AJ Styles

Turning Point 2012 - Universal Studios; Orlando, FL 11/11/12
- No DQ Match for the Television Championship: Champion Samoa Joe beat Magnus
- Non-title Match: Knockouts Tag Team Champions Eric Young & ODB beat Knockouts Champion Tara & Jesse
- X Division Championship: Rob Van Dam beat Joey Ryan
- DOC beat Joseph Park
- TNA World Tag Team Championship: Champions Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez beat Christopher Daniels & Kazarian
- #1 Contender's Match: James Storm beat Bobby Roode & AJ Styles
- Kurt Angle beat Devon
- Ladder Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Jeff Hardy beat Austin Aries

Turning Point 2013 (IMPACT WRESTLING) - Universal Studios; Orlando, FL 11/21/13
- Falls Count Anywhere Match in the Tournament for the Vacant TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Magnus beat Samoa Joe
- Gail Kim beat Candice Larea
- Florida Death Match in the Tournament for the vacant TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Bobby Roode beat James Storm
- Ethan Carter III beat Shark Boy
- No DQ Match: Mr. Anderson beat Bully Ray and as a result Aces & eights were forced to disband

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