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Review of Wrestling DVDs Not Made By The WWE

The WWE is not the only producer of wrestling DVDs. Some of the items reviewed here are documentaries made by independent companies while a few of the other DVDs feature the in-ring action of other wrestling organizations.

Beyond the Mat - A Film by Barry Blaustein
This film takes a behind scenes look at the WWF & ECW in addition to following the lives of several wrestlers including Mick Foley, Terry Funk & Jake Roberts

Bloodstained Memoirs
Some of wrestling biggest stars discuss their wrestling careers and the business.

Card Subject to Change: Pro Wrestling's Underground
This documentary focuses on the behind-the-scenes action of the world of independent professional wrestling.

Enigma: The Best of Jeff Hardy Volume 2
This DVD follows Jeff Hardy's career from his return to TNA in 2010 until the spring of 2011.

Heroes of World Class - The Story of the Von Erichs & WCCW
This DVD takes a look back at the rise and fall of World Class Championship Wrestling and the tragic story of the Von rich family.

Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows 10th Anniversary Edition
This film follows Bret Hart during his last year with the WWE and contains backstage footage from the most controversial night in wrestling history.

I'm From Hollywood
This documentary focuses on Andy Kaufman's wrestling career.

Memphis Heat - The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin'
This DVD takes a look back at the glory days of the Memphis wrestling territory.

Ring of Honor - Best in the World
This DVD focuses on some of the great International talent that has appeared for Ring of Honor.

Ring of Honor - Bloodstained Honor
This DVD features some of the most violent and bloody matches in Ring of Honor history.

Ring of Honor - Greatest Rivalries
This DVD features matches which were a part of some of the greatest rivalries in Ring of Honor histoey.

Ring of Honor - Stars of Wrestling
This DVD features wrestlers that have gone on to compete in TNA and the WWE.

Shawn Stasiak - Determined
Shawn Stasiak is the son of former WWE Champion Stan Stasiak. He followed in his father's footsteps and went on to wrestler for the WWE and WCW.

The Marty Jannetty Story
Marty Jannetty was one-half of the Rockers. When the team broke up, Shawn Michaels went on to become one of the most successful wrestlers of all-time while Marty's didn't. This 2-disc DVD explains why.

Wrestling Society X: The Complete First & Last Season
Review of the 4 DVD set featuring all 10 episodes of the MTV wrestling show Wrestling Society X

Wrestling Then and Now
The associate producer of The Wrestler presents this film featuring interviews with wrestlers of the past and the future stars of the business.

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