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Wrestling for Dummies Book Review


wrestling for dummies

Wrestling for Dummies Book Cover

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Wrestling for Dummies is a part of the famous "For Dummies" series. This book, which is written by Olympic Gold Medalist Henry Cejudo, deals with amateur wrestling.
I was recently given the task of covering wrestling for the 2012 Olympic Games for the readers of this site, which until now has always been dedicated to the world of professional wrestling. When I saw this book was coming out, I thought of reviewing it in case my coverage of the sport would make you want to learn more about it before the Olympics so you could better enjoy the matches on television.

In addition to the obvious differences between professional and amateur wrestling, there was one I was not expecting to encounter when I requested this book. Sports can be divided up into two different categories, spectator sports and participation sports. The world of sports entertainment falls into the spectator sports side of the ledger while amateur wrestling falls into both.

While the sport falls into both categories, this book doesn't. If you are someone that is looking to learn more about the sport and it's history to prepare for watching the 2012 Games this book is not for you. However, if you are someone that is looking to step onto the mat, then this might be a book you want to check out.

I usually pride myself on being a guy that claims to know everything but in this case I have to admit that I am not qualified to accurately review this book. Most of it goes into details about training, diet, and equipment choices for the wrestler and about how to run drills if you are a coach. Considering that the author is an Olympic wrestler I would want to guess that his tips are good, but I remember how bad the Professional Wrestling book in a similar series of books (Complete Idiot's Guide To) was and that was written by WWE Hall of Famer Captain Lou Albano.

Recommendation: Based upon the description provided on their website, I was kind of surprised how little useful information it contained that would allow one to understand watching this sport at the Olympic level. Don't buy this book if you don't plan on becoming an amateur wrestler. If you want to step onto the mat or become a coach, I have no idea whether or not this is the book for you.

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