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2012 Olympic Wrestling Medal Results

2012 Olympic Medal Results


2012 Olympic Wrestling Medal Results

Team USA Star Jordan Burroughs

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
The following is a list of all the medals awarded in wrestling during the 2012 Olympic Games as well as a tally of medals by country.

Men's Greco-Roman 55kg/121 lbs
Gold: Hamid Mohammad Soryan Reihanpour (Iran)
Silver: Rovshan Bayramov (Azerbaijan)
Bronze: Peter Modos (Hungary)
Bronze: Mingiyan Semenov (Russia)

Men's Greco-Roman 60kg/132 lbs
Gold: Omid Haji Noroozi (Iran)
Silver: Revaz Lashkhi (Georgia)
Bronze: Zaur Kuramagomedov (Russia)
Bronze: Ryutaro Matsumoto (Japan)

Men's Greco-Roman 66kg/145.5 lbs
Gold: Hyeonwoo Kim (South Korea)
Silver: Tamas Lorincz (Hungary)
Bronze: Manuchar Tskhadaia (Georgia)
Bronze: Steeve Guenot (France)

Men's Greco-Roman 74kg/163 lbs
Gold: Roman Vlasov (Russia)
Silver: Arsen Julfalakyan (Armenia)
Bronze: Aleksandr Kazakevic (Lithuania)
Bronze: Emin Ahmadov (Azerbaijan)

Men's Greco-Roman 84kg/185 lbs
Gold: Alan Khugaev (Russia)
Silver: Karam Mohamed Gaber Ebrahim (Egypt)
Bronze: Danyal Gajiyev (Kazakhstan)
Bronze: Damian Janikowski (Poland)

Men's Greco-Roman 96kg/211.5 lbs
Gold: Ghasem Gholamreza Rezaei (Iran)
Silver: Rustam Totrov (Russia)
Bronze: Artur Aleksanyan (Armenia)
Bronze: Jimmy Lidberg (Sweden)

Men's Greco-Roman 1204kg/264.5 lbs
Gold: Mijaín López (Cuba)
Silver: Heiki Nabi (Estonia)
Bronze: Riza Kayaalp (Turkey)
Bronze: Johan Euren (Sweden)

Women's Freestyle 48kg/105.5 lbs
Gold: Hitomi Obara (Japan)
Silver: Mariya Stadnyk (Azerbaijan)
Bronze: Carol Huynh (Canada)
Bronze: Clarissa Chun (USA)

Women's Freestyle 55kg/121 lbs
Gold: Saori Yoshida (Japan)
Silver: Tonya Lynn Verbeek (Canada)
Bronze: Jackeline Renteria Castillo (Colombia)
Bronze: Yuliya Ratkevich (Azerbaijan)

Women's Freestyle 63kg/138.5 lbs
Gold: Kaori Icho (Japan)
Silver: Jing Ruixue (China)
Bronze: Battsetseg Soronzonbold (Mongolia)
Bronze: Lubov Volosova (Russia)

Women's Freestyle 72kg/158.5 lbs
Gold: Natalia Vorobieva (Russia)
Silver: Stanka Zlateva (Bulgaria)
Bronze: Guzel Manyurova (Kazakhstan)
Bronze: Maider Unda (Spain)

Men's Freestyle 55kg/121 lbs
Gold: Dzhamal Otarsultanov (Russia)
Silver: Vladimer Khinchegashvili (Georgia)
Bronze: Kyong Il Yang (North Korea)
Bronze: Shinichi Yumoto (Japan)

Men's Freestyle 60kg/132 lbs
Gold: Toghrul Asgarov (Azerbaijan)
Silver: Besik Kudukhov(Russia)
Bronze: Coleman Scott (USA)
Bronze: Yogeshwar Dutt (India)

Men's Freestyle 66kg/145.5 lbs
Gold: Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu (Japan)
Silver: Sushil Kumar (India)
Bronze: Akzhurek Tanatarov (Kazakhstan)
Bronze: Livan Lopez Azcuy (Cuba)

Men's Freestyle 74kg/163 lbs
Gold: Jordan Burroughs (USA)
Silver: Sadegh Saeed Goudarzi (Iran)
Bronze: Soslan Tigiev (Uzbekistan)
Bronze: Denis Tsargush (Russia)

Men's Freestyle 84kg/185 lbs
Gold: Sharif Sharifov (Azerbaijan)
Silver: Jaime Yusept Espinal (Puerto Rico)
Bronze: Dato Marsagishvili (Georgia)
Bronze: Ehsan Naser Lashgari (Iran)

Men's Freestyle 96kg/211.5 lbs
Gold: Jake Varner (USA)
Silver: Valerii Andriitsev (Ukraine)
Bronze: George Gogshelidze (Georgia)
Bronze: Khetag Gazyumov (Azerbaijan)

Men's Freestyle 120kg/264.5 lbs
Gold: Artur Taymazov (Uzbekistan)
Silver: Davit Modzmanashvili (Georgia)
Bronze: Komeil Ghasemi (Iran)
Bronze: Bilyal Makhov (Russia)

Medals By Country
Russia: 4-2-5 = 11
Azerbaijan: 2-2-3 = 7
Japan: 4-0-2 = 6
Iran: 3-1-2 = 6
Georgia: 0-3-3 = 6
United States: 2-0-2 = 4
Kazakhastan: 0-0-3 = 3
Cuba: 1-0-1 = 2
Uzbekistan: 1-0-1 = 2
Armenia: 0-1-1 = 2
Canada: 0-1-1 = 2
Hungary: 0-1-1 = 2
India: 0-1-1 = 2
Sweden: 0-0-2 = 2
South Korea: 1-0-0 = 1
Bulgaria: 0-1-0 = 1
China: 0-1-0 = 1
Egypt: 0-1-0 = 1
Estonia: 0-1-0 = 1
Ukraine: 0-1-0 = 1
Colombia: 0-0-1 = 1
France: 0-0-1 = 1
Lithuania: 0-0-1 = 1
Mongolia: 0-0-1 = 1
North Korea: 0-0-1 = 1
Poland: 0-0-1 = 1
Puerto Rico: 0-0-1 = 1
Spain: 0-0-1 = 1
Turkey: 0-0-1 = 1

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