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No Holds Barred DVD Review

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No Holds Barred DVD Review

No Holds Barred DVD Cover

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In 1989, Hulk Hogan starred in No Holds Barred. Twenty three years later, the movie has finally been released on DVD despite DVD technology being around for over a decade.

The Plot: When I first saw this movie 23 years ago, the first thing that went through my mind were the tremendous similarities between the plot of this movie and Kickboxer. Both movies feature a monstrous villain force the brother of the hero to be confined to a wheel chair as well as their girlfriend get roughed up. Then when the big battle begins, the hero is forced to put on a good show before losing the match because a loved one has been held captive. Of course, during both movies, an escape occurs which allows the hero to put up a fight after being beaten unmercifully for several minutes.

The Acting: You know the acting is atrocious when it has to be compared unfavorably to the acting skills showcased in a Jean Claude Van Damme movie.

Interesting Notes Since This Movie Was Originally Released: In this movie, the most evil man in the film was a television executive who tried to lure Hulk Hogan away from the World Wrestling Federation and have him appear on his network instead. This plot became reality a few years later when the Hulkster joined WCW which was owned by television mogul Ted Turner. Just as Tom Brell predicted having Rip on his network would change its fortune, Ted Turner proved the evil character right when he signed up the Hulkster and had WCW crushing the WWE during the Monday Night Wars for over a year.

While Vince McMahon eventually won that war, a new type of nemesis emerged for the company in the form of Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC. Unwittingly, Vince may have planted the seeds for the original form of the UFC with this movie. The event where Zeus made his debut was a tough man contest where there were no rules and the men fought in an octagon-shaped ring until one man could no longer compete. While not as sleazy as Tom Brell's creation, the early days of UFC were very reminiscent of this contest.

The Extras: Shockingly, there was a better extra when I watched this movie on pay-per-view 23 years ago than there was when I got this DVD. When the movie was shown on pay-per-view, it was followed by a Steel Cage Match featuring Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake vs. Zeus and Randy Savage. The only special feature on this DVD was a photo gallery.

Overall Recommendation: This movie set the bar tremendously low for all future movies starring a wrestler. Sadly, over the past two decades, many wrestlers have tripped on this bar when they venture into the world of film.

Despite it being a horrible movie, it is still a piece of wrestling history that every fan needs to see at least once. I don't think anyone can call themselves a die-hard wrestling fan unless they are able to answer the question "What's that smell?".

While I don't recommend that you buy this DVD, I do recommend that you rent it or watch the film online. Just think of it as a wrestling-themed 90-minute special edition of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

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 2 out of 5
no holds barred, Member marino316

If you shut your mind off and watch it for what it is,you will find it horribly entertaining. It's awful and awesome at the same time. People have a tendency to take this movie way to seriously.

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