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Review of Jim Duggan's Autobiography - Hacksaw: The Jim Duggan Story

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Review of Jim Duggan's Autobiography - Hacksaw: The Jim Duggan Story

Hacksaw: The Jim Duggan Story

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The Bottom Line

Jim Duggan was one of the most famous wrestlers in the WWE during the late-80's. Known for his patriotism and 2x4, Hacksaw loved to get the crowd chanting USA and repeating his "Hoooo" war cry. Despite never winning a title in the WWE, "Hacksaw" was so popular with the fans that he went on to become a member of the WWE Hall of Fame.


  • Very entertaining and at times very funny reading experience.
  • "Hacksaw" wasn't afraid to pull punches about his own faults and those of his fellow wrestlers.
  • Book was filled with some great behind-the-scenes stories that I never knew before.


  • I wish the book was a little longer.


  • The book was written by Jim Duggan with Scott E. Williams.
  • Scott E. Williams also wrote Terry Funk's autobiography and Hardcore History.
  • The book is 240 pages.
  • The book contains 8 pages of color photos.
  • The book has a retail price of $22.95.

Guide Review - Review of Jim Duggan's Autobiography - Hacksaw: The Jim Duggan Story

I have to admit that when I heard that Jim Duggan was writing a book I wasn't very enthusiastic about it. Unfairly, I've always lumped Jim Duggan together with Steve Williams and Ted DiBiase because they were the big stars in the UWF when I first saw them all on television. I gave negative reviews to both of their books and was afraid that there was a shot I wasn't going to like this one either. Thankfully, my fears never materialized as this is the best wrestling book I've read in over a year.

I really like the way the book was written and some of the credit for that has to go to Scott E. Williams. I've read one previous book by him, Hardcore History and I really enjoyed that one as well.

However, it just wasn't the writing style that I found refreshing. I really enjoyed that "Hacksaw" opened up about his life. Too many wrestling autobiographies are written by guys who thought they were the greatest and resented that they never got the push to the top. Even though Jim never became a world champion, there is no trace of resentment about the industry in this book. While Hacksaw isn't afraid to say what he thinks of other wrestlers and the problems he sees with the industry, he also isn't afraid to view himself and his actions through the same paradigm.

In addition to being a wrestling, Jim was also a star football player for Southern Methodist University and went on to play football for the Atlanta Falcons. Most of the time, the chapters wrestlers write about their lives before they got into the sport are relatively boring. I found myself just as engrossed in the chapters about his gridiron days as I was during the ones where he was writing about his time in the WWE.

Overall Recommendation: A must-buy for all of Jim Duggan's fans and also very highly recommended for fans of wrestling during the '80s. If you are a younger fan of the sport that wasn't around during Hacksaw's peak, I still suggest reading the book as you will find it both informative and entertaining.

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