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WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 PPV Recap and Results

The Final PPV Event Before WrestleMania XXIX


WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 PPV Recap and Results

The Rock entered Elimination Chamber 2013 as WWE Champion

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- Elimination Chamber 2013 took place on February 17, 2013, at the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Pre-show Match: Brodus Clay & Tensai vs. Team Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow) - Damien Sandow was taken out of the action when Brodus Clay and Tensai made a Damien Sandow sandwich while he was in an upright position. Moments later, the two behemoths gave Cody Rhodes a double splash to get the victory over Team Rhodes Scholars. Winners: Brodus Clay & Tensai

The announcers for this show were Jerry Lawler, JBL and Michael Cole.

World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show - The champion was escorted to the ring by his personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez. Somehow, Alberto Del Rio was able kick out at the count of two after Big Show delivered a move off the second rope. Alberto was then able to apply the cross-arm breaker but Big Show was able to reach the ropes to break the hold. A few minutes later, Del Rio applied the hold again but Big Show was able to power out of it. Moments after escaping for the second time, Big Show called for the KO punch. However, he was distracted by Ricardo Rodriguez. He knocked Ricardo off-the-ropes and grabbed his bucket. After whiffing on his first attempt, Del Rio was able to hit an enziguri kick which caused the bucket to hit Big Show in the face. Del Rio followed that with another enziguri and then applied the cross-arm breaker again. The third time proved to be the charm for the champion as Big Show tapped out to the move. Winner: Alberto Del Rio

- Josh Mathews interviewed Adrianne Palicki and D.J. Cotrona who were sitting at ringside. The two will be in The Rock's upcoming movie, G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

United States Championship: Champion Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz - Miz entered the match with his shoulder taped up due to the beating he received at the hands of the champion on Monday night. The champion targeted the injury throughout the match. When Cesaro tried to ram the injured shoulder into the ring post, The Miz was able to reverse the move and caused the champions unprotected knee to crash into the steps. The Miz then tried for the Figure Four Leg Lock but the champion's attempt to escape the attempt caused The Miz to accidentally deliver a low blow which caused the match to end via disqualification. Following the match, The Miz kicked the champion below-the-belt. Winner: Antonio Cesaro via DQ

Elimination Chamber Match: Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Chris Jericho vs. Mark Henry vs. Kane vs. Jack Swagger - The match began with Daniel Bryan fighting Chris Jericho. Four minutes later, Jack Swagger was released from his pod. The second man released from his pod was Kane. Kane and Daniel Bryan are the current WWE Tag Team Champions. While they worked together for a few moments, Daniel Bryan tried pin his partner when Kane's back was turned to him. Daniel then tried to hug his partner but Kane wasn't buying it and the two fought each other for a few minutes while Jericho and Swagger were recuperating. Randy Orton was the fifth man to enter the match. When Mark Henry finally got into the match, all five of his opponents were down. Mark Henry eliminated Daniel Bryan with the World's Strongest Slam. The World's Strongest Man then tossed Orton through a lexan pod. Moments later, Kane went for a move off the top rope but was caught in mid-air by Mark Henry who delivered a World's Strongest Slam to eliminate Kane. It took three men to finally eliminate Mark Henry from the match. Jericho hit Mark Henry with a Code Breaker and then Randy Orton hit him an RKO to get him out of the match. After leaving the cage to a standing ovation, Mark Henry returned to the ring and gave all three men still left in the match a World's Strongest Slam and finally left the ring when SmackDown GM Booker T ordered him out of the chamber. Orton eliminated Jericho after hitting the RKO. Less than a seconds later, Swagger rolled up Orton from behind to get the win. As a result of winning this match, Swagger earned the right to fight World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio at WrestleMania XXIX in seven weeks. Winner: Jack Swagger

John Cena, Sheamus & Ryback vs. The Shield (Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose) - A good chunk of the match saw John Cena getting dominated by the three WWE rookies. The complexion of the match changed when Cena made the hot tag to Ryback. During Ryback's dominance in the ring, Roman Reigns drove Sheamus through the ringside barricade. The Shield went for their three-on-one power bomb on Ryback but were stopped by John Cena. Cena gave Dean Ambrose an Attitude Adjustment while at the same time, Ryback went go give Seth Rollins a Shell Shock. Roman Reigns delivered a spear to Ryback and Seth fell on top of Ryback to get the win for his team. Following the match, a disgusted Ryback stormed out of the ring. Winners: The Shield

- Dolph Ziggler entered the ring with AJ Lee and Big E Langston and started to talk about how he was going to steal the show. Booker T came out and said that he was just wasting time. He then made a bonus match for the show.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston - During the match, Kofi Kingston hit the Trouble in Paradise but idn't get the victory because Dolph was pulled out of the ring by Big E. Kofi took Big E out of the match with a flying move outside of the ring. A few moments later, Dolph caught Kofi trying to climb the ropes. After dropping Kofi back to the mat, Dolph hit the Zig Zag to get the win. Following the match, Big E came back to the ring and gave Kofi a beating. Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Divas Championship: Champion Kaitlyn vs. Tamina Snuka - During the match, Kaitlyn went outside of the ring. When she tried to renter the ring and was on the apron, Tamina smashed Kaitlyn's head into the ring post. Tamina then hit the Samoan Drop and tried to follow that with the Superfly. However, Kaitlyn moved out of the way and then hit a spear to get the win. Winner: Kaitlyn

WWE Championship: Champion The Rock vs. CM Punk - On Monday night, it was announced that The Rock was not going to have the champion's advantage in this match. He can lose the title if he is counted out or disqualified. Despite not being the champion, CM Punk entered the ring with the title belt he stole on Monday night and also had Paul Heyman in his corner. Punk tried to take advantage of this stipulation by trying to anger the Rock by spitting in his face. Later in the match, he gave Rock a Rock Bottom on the Spanish announcer's table but was unable to get the victory via count out. Later in the match, Punk hit the Go to Sleep moments after the referee took a bump. Unfortunately for the challenger, there was no referee to make the pin. Punk went for another GTS which the Rock countered into the spine buster and followed that with the People's Elbow but only got a two count when a second referee finally entered the match. That referee also got eliminated from the bout which allowed Paul Heyman to interfere. Heyman held The Rock when Punk tried to hit him with the WWE Championship. Rock escaped which caused Punk to hit his manager. The Rock then the the Rock Bottom and got the win when the original referee made the three count. Winner: The Rock

What does this event mean for the future?
WrestleMania XXIX takes place on April 7. As a result of tonight's event, the two world title matches for the show have been set. Alberto Del Rio will be defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Jack Swagger and Royal Rumble winner John Cena will be challenging The Rock for the WWE Championship.

Overall Thoughts
This show was pretty entertaining but I don't think it was worth the purchase money. I liked the Punk-Rock match from three weeks ago better. I think the best part of the show was the middle as my two favorite matches of the night were the Elimination Chamber Match and the six-man tag team match. If you missed this show, I wouldn't recommend ordering the replay but would check out the DVD when it comes out.

Match Results

  • World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Alberto Del Rio beat Big Show
  • US Championship: Champion Antonio Cesaro beat The Miz via DQ
  • Elimination Chamber: Jack Swagger beat Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan & Kane
  • The Shield beat John Cena, Ryback & Sheamus
  • Dolph Ziggler beat Kofi Kingston
  • Divas Championship: Champion Kaitlyn beat Tamina Snuka
  • WWE Championship: Champion The Rock beat CM Punk
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