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WWE Over the Limit 2012 DVD Review

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WWE Over the Limit 2012 DVD Review

WWE Over the Limit 2012 DVD Cover

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People Power was on the line at Over the Limit 2012 as John Laurinaitis battled John Cena. This show also featured CM Punk defend the WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan and Sheamus defend the World Heavyweight Championship in a Fatal 4-Way Match against Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio, and Chris Jericho.

What I Said Then: As of last night, there were only four matches announced for this show. Of the big three matches, only two of them lived up to the hype. The final match was just awful and the rest of the show felt like filler that could have been on any episode of RAW or SmackDown. The only things that made this show worth checking out were the WWE Championship match between Punk and Bryan and the Fatal Four Way Match. If you missed this one, I think you saved yourself a few dollars.

Has My Opinion Changed? Yes and for the worse. I can't believe I didn't notice it at the time but the hard camera angle was slightly off so the ring and all the the action in it seemed to be slightly slanted. However, the biggest strike against this show is that the following month at No Way Out, John Cena's battle against People Power came to a conclusion in a significantly better main even that what happened here.

Overall Recommendation: After two incredible pay-per-view-events, WrestleMania XXVIII and Extreme Rules 2012, this show was unable to extend the streak to three. I didn't think this show was worth the money then and think that you should pass on buying the DVD for this one as well. It's not a bad rental though as both the world title matches are worth spending your time to watch.

Chapters on this DVD (matches are in bold):

  • DVD Extra: Matt Striker Interviews Sheamus
  • 20-man People Power Over the Top Rope Battle Royal
  • WWE Tag Team Championship: Champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler
  • Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins Receive Their Assignments From Eve
  • Divas Championship Match: Champions Layla vs. Beth Phoenix
  • Matt Striker Interviews Randy Orton
  • Fatal 4-Way for the World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton
  • Eve & Cody Rhodes Discuss People Power
  • Brodus Clay vs. The Miz
  • Intercontinental Championship: Champion Cody Rhodes vs. Christian
  • Josh Mathews Interviews CM Punk
  • WWE Championship: Champion CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan
  • Eve & David Otunga Discuss the Main Event
  • Ryback vs. Camacho
  • John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis
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