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WWE Extreme Rules 2012 PPV Recap and Results

WWE Extreme Rules 2012 PPV Recap and Results


WWE Extreme Rules 2012 PPV Recap and Results

Brock Lesnar wrestled in a WWE ring for the first time since 2004 at Extreme Rules 2012.

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

- WWE Extreme Rules took place on April 29, 2012, at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois.

United States Championship: Champion Santino Marella vs. The Miz - This bout was streamed on youtube.com and took place prior to the start of the pay-per-view event. The commentators for this match were Michael Cole and Matt Striker. The Miz entered the ring and went on a verbal tirade about going from the main event of this event last year to being relegated to the pre-show this year. While his placement on the card has changed, the result of his match at the show didn't as he lost last year's main event and lost this match when Santino hit him with the Cobra. Winner: Santino Marella

- Teddy Long spun a wheel with many stipulations listed on it to determine the rules of the Intercontinental Championship match later tonight. The wheel stopped at Tables Match at both Cody Rhodes and Eve blamed Teddy for doing a bad job.

- The commentators for this show were Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and Booker T.

Falls Count Anywhere: Randy Orton vs. Kane - About a minute into the match, Kane brought a lead pipe into the ring. That turned out to be a bad idea as Orton took it from him and delivered a few shots which knocked Kane out of the ring. The two men then brought their brawl into the crowd and then into the backstage area of the arena before eventually finding their way back into the ring. Randy brought a chair into the ring and hit him with it at least a dozen times. Orton then placed Kane on top of the announcer's table and gave Kane an elevated DDT off of it. When Orton went for the RKO, Kane shoved him face-first into the ring post. A few moments later, Orton caught Kane on the top ropes and gave him a superplex. Orton then went for another RKO and Kane countered it with a choke slam which Randy was able to kick out of at 2. Kane then placed a chair in the middle of the ring and tried to give Randy a Tombstone on it. Randy reversed the move and hit the RKO on the chair to get the win. Winner: Randy Orton

In the back, John Laurinaitis and Eve were making fun of Teddy Long when John got a phone call from Triple H. John left the room to talk in private.

Brodus Clay vs. Dolph Ziggler - This match was not previously advertised for the show. Brodus was escorted to the ring by his dancers and Hornswoggle. Dolph had Vickie Guerrero and Jack Swagger in his corner. Thanks to some interference by Jack Swagger, Dolph controlled most of the match. The tide turned when Dolph tried for a suplex. Even Jack Swagger's interference couldn't stop the Funkasaurus who got the win after hitting a splash. Winner: Brodus Clay

Tables Match for the Intercontinental Championship: Champion Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes - Big Show looked like he was about to win the match when he tossed Cody into the corner where a table was set up. Instead, Cody used his foot to propel himself off the table and then connected with the disaster kick. The fight then went outside of the ring. When Big Show tried to renter the ring, Big Show's foot accidentally went on a table and due to his sheer size it went right through it which resulted in Cody not only winning the match but also the title. An enraged Big Show beat up the new champion. He gave him a choke slam through a table and then pressed him from the ring through a table that was set up on the arena floor. Winner and New Champion: Cody Rhodes

2-out-of-3 Falls Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan - The tide of the match turned when Sheamus' left shoulder went into the ring post. The challenger went to work on that arm and kicked it repeatedly while Sheamus was on the ropes. Because he refused to stop kicking Sheamus, Daniel Bryan was disqualified and lost the first fall. Seconds into the second fall, Daniel Bryan applied the Yes Lock. The referee stopped the second when Sheamus became unresponsive. Two doctors came into the ring to check on the champion and they allowed him to compete in the third fall. When the third fall started, Daniel Bryan ran right into a Brogue Kick but he was able to kick out at 2. That was the first of several times during the fall where Daniel's momentum worked against him. Sheamus connected with another Brogue Kick a few moments after Daniel missed a head butt off the top rope. Winner: Sheamus

2-on-1 Handicap Match: Ryback vs. Aaron Rellic & Jay Hatton - Santino Marella and the Great Khali were watching this unannounced match in the back. The crowd greeted Ryback with Goldberg chants. After Ryback beat one of his opponents into unconsciousness he brought the man's partner into the ring and decimated him as well. He put the two men on top of each other and pinned them both at the same time. Winner: Ryback

Chicago Street Fight for the WWE Championship: Champion CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho - Punk's sister was shown sitting in the front row. Jericho made it a point to torture her brother right in front of her which resulted in her slapping him. Punk became enraged when it appeared that Jericho was going to go after his sister. Punk slammed Jericho through the announcer's table hood and then went for a pile driver outside of the ring. Jericho reversed it and started to beat up Punk with a television monitor and the hood of the announcer's table which he had just gone through. Jericho then worked over Punk with a Singapore Cane while yelling about Punk's sister. Jericho then humiliated Punk by pouring a beer over him. Jericho went for another can and his showboating resulted in getting several lashes with the cane. Punk went up to the top rope for the "Macho Man" elbow but took too much time and Jericho climbed the ropes and tried for a superplex. Punk was able to knock Jericho off the rope and hit the flying elbow but could only get a 2 count. A few moments later, Punk went for the Lionsault but was caught by Punk who unsuccessfully went for the Go to Sleep for the third time during the match. Jericho was able to connect with a Code Breaker and then put Punk into the Walls of Jericho. Punk was able to go to the ropes but the hold wasn't broken because there are no rules in the match. Punk reached under the ring and grabbed a fire extinguisher. He sprayed Jericho in the face with it to break the hold and then used it as a weapon and knocked him out on top of the Spanish announcers table. Punk delivered the flying elbow off the top rope and drove Jericho through the table. Punk dragged Jericho back into the ring and only got a 2 count. Punk then put Jericho in the Anaconda Vice but Jericho was able to get out of the move when he grabbed a Singapore Cane and hit the champion with it. Punk tried to hit Jericho with a chair but Jericho reversed it into a Codebreaker with Punk's face going into the chair. When Punk kicked out at 2, Jericho got frustrated, and tried to mock Punk by giving him a Go to Sleep. Punk countered the move and hit a Go to Sleep of his own to get the win. Winner: CM Punk

- Eve told Beth Phoenix that she wasn't medically cleared to fight Nikki Bella for the Divas Championship tonight. The Bellas thought that there evening was done but were informed that Nikki would have to defend the title against an unnamed opponent. The Bellas were relieved when they found out that Kharma wouldn't be Nikki's opponent tonight.

Divas Championship: Champion Nikki Bella vs. ??? - Layla, who has been out of action for almost a year, made her return to the ring for this match. Brie, who was at ringside to support her sister, turned the tide of the match by attacking Layla's leg while the referee wasn't looking. A few minutes later, the Bellas performed twin magic but it backfired when Layla hit Brie with a neck breaker to get the win. Winner and New Champion: Layla

- Matt Striker interviewed John Laurinaitis about the phone call he received earlier. John said that what was discussed was none of his business but it would be addressed on RAW Supershow the following night.

Extreme Rules Match: Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena - The match began more like a UFC fight than a WWE match. Cena was busted wide open with an elbow a few seconds into the match and Cena required medical attention on the cut. When Cena was able to restart, Lesnar just brutalized him and reopened the gash on Cena's head which required the medics to come out again. Cena was able to give Brock a shoulder block but Brock fell into the referee who got knocked out. Wth the referee knocked out, Lesnar continued to work on the cut and rubbed Cena's blood on his chest and then licked it. Lesnar then put Cena in an arm lock and tried to break his arm. Lesnar then wrapped up Cena's leg and tied him from the ring post upside down. Lesnar brought the referee back into the ring and gave Cena the F5 but it knocked out the referee again. A second referee came into the ring and counted to 2. Brock then beat up that second referee. A third and fourth referee were afraid to enter the ring when he brought the steps into the ring. Lesnar put Cena into an arm lock which Cena was able to power out of and slammed Lesnar into the steps in the process. With Lesnar on the step, John tried for the leg drop off the to rope but missed the move. Lesnar went after Cena and jumped off the steps for a forearm smash and landed on the floor. He appeared to injure his leg but just laughed off the pain. He went for the move again but Cena hit Lesnar in the face with his chain and busted him wide open. Cena then gave Lesnar the Attitude Adjustment on the steps to get the win. Winner: John Cena

What does this event mean for the future?
Following the final match, John said some strange things about going home and I wouldn't be shocked if he was kayfabe fired tomorrow night by an embarrassed John Laurinaitis. If that is the case, I think that Randy Orton will be the next in line to fight Brock Lesnar . As far as the title picture goes, I think that Punk and Sheamus will be moving onto new challengers after this show.

Overall Thoughts
By the time the World heavyweight Championship match ended, I felt like I got my money's worth with this show. That was then followed by a WWE Championship Match between Chris Jericho and CM Punk that was better than their great match at WrestleMania XXVIII. The main event was a fight unlike anything I have seen in a WWE ring before. All of this was made even more special by a great Chicago crowd. If you missed this one, I recommend ordering the replay at full price because it was that good of a show.

Match Results

  • Falls Count Anywhere: Randy Orton beat Kane
  • Brodus Clay beat Dolph Ziggler
  • Tables Match for the Intercontinental Championship: Cody Rhodes beat Big Show to win the title
  • 2-out-of-3 Falls Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Sheamus beat Daniel Bryan 2-1
  • 2-on-1 Handicap Match: Ryback beat Aaron Rellic & Jay Hatton
  • Chicago Street Fight for the WWE Championship: Champion CM Punk beat Chris Jericho
  • WWE Divas Championship: Layla beat Nikki Bella to win the title
  • Extreme Rules Match: John Cena beat Brock Lesnar

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