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TNA Victory Road 2012 PPV Recap and Results


TNA Victory Road 2012 PPV Recap and Results

Sting competed in the main event of Victory Road

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Victory Road 2012 took place on March 18, 2012, at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Mike Tenay and Taz were the commentators for this show.

- A few hours prior to the show, Bully Ray announced on IMPACTWRESTLING.com that he planned to take the show hostage if his match against James Storm was not turned into a #1 Contender's Match. Sting replied via Twitter that he would leave that decision up to James Storm, the man that earned the right to fight for the title against Bobby Roode next month at Lockdown.

- The event began with Bully Ray entering the ring and announcing that he was holding the show hostage. James Storm then came to the ring and agreed to Bully Ray's stipulation. But instead of waiting for later in the evening, Storm wanted to fight immediately.

#1 Contender's Match: James Storm vs. Bully Ray - Less than a minute into the match, Bully Ray tried to humiliate the Cowboy by drinking his beer. Bully showboated for too long and he walked right into the Last Call Super Kick. Winner: James Storm

- Austin Aries was interviewed in the back by Jeremy Borash. During the interview, Eric Bischoff threatened Jeremy Borash and kicked him out of the interview area.

X Division Championship: Champion Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion - When Austin had Zema in trouble, he grabbed a cell phone and tweeted the following: "It's a #GREAT day to be #GREAT...and a #GREAT day to #LiveTweet! #TGMTEL > @ZemaTNA #VictoryRoad". A few minutes later, Zema Ion hid his hairspray can in his tights. He was able to blind the champion with the hairspray but couldn't get the pin. Despite being blind, the crowd helped him find Zema Ion and he was able to hit a brain buster and then followed that up with the Last Chancery to get the victory via submission. Winner: Austin Aries

- A video aired hyping the upcoming return of the Motor City Machine Guns.

Tag Team Championship: Champions Samoa Joe & Magnus vs. Matt Morgan & Crimson - The issues between Crimson and Matt Morgan were on display from the very beginning of the match as Crimson tagged himself into the bout and then kept refusing to tag in his partner. When he got in trouble, Matt Morgan was able pull his partner out of trouble and then tagged himself in. When Matt set up for the Carbon Footprint, Crimson tagged himself back into the match. Matt then tagged himself back in which led to Crimson walking up the ramp. Crimson said he was the winner of the team and was then given the finger by Matt Morgan. That led to Crimson giving his partner the spear. The champions then hit Matt Morgan with the snap mare/elbow drop combo to get the win while Crimson was smiling and laughing at his former partner. Winners: Samoa Joe & Magnus

- In the back, Bobby Roode was being interviewed by Jeremy Borash and after talking trash about Sting, he turned his attention to James Storm. James Storm then came out and said that he wanted to fight, not wrestle, the champion tonight. Bobby Roode walked out of the backstage area while the man that will be fighting him at Lockdown next month glared at him.

Television Championship: Champion Robbie E vs. ??? - Robbie E, who was escorted to the ring by his bouncer Big Robbie T, declared that since every wrestler in the back was already scheduled for a match that no one on the roster could answer the Robbie E Open Challenge. That led to him offering a shot at the title to someone in the audience. Since he felt that no one was worthy of answering his challenge, he officially cancelled the challenge and started to pose. While he was posing, Devon appeared from the crowd and entered the ring. When the action went outside of the ring, Robbie E grabbed a chair but Brooke Hogan, who was sitting in the front row, grabbed it. In spite of her attempt to help Devon while he was outside of the ring, her actions distracted the referee which allowed Robbie T to attack Devon. However, Devon recovered from that attack and was able to slam Robbie E into the mat to get the win. Winner: Devon

- TNA President Dixie Carter was interviewed in the back by Jeremy Borasch. She announced that for the 10th anniversary of the company, Slammiversary will be taking place in the Dallas area at the University of Texas. This marks the first time that TNA will be rolling their television cameras in that market. She also announced that she would be sitting at ringside during the main event tonight to show her support for Sting.

Knockouts Championship: Champion Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne - Gail Kim went for the Eat Defeat on two occasions but her former BFF was able to reverse both of her attempts at the move. The third time proved to be the charm for Gail as she hit the move on her third attempt and was able to get the win. Winner: Gail Kim

- Jeremy Borash interviewed Daniels and Kazarian. During the interview, Daniels made it clear that he was running the show.

AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson vs. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian - During the match, Dixie Carter was shown sitting at ringside next to Josh Lewis of Repo Games. The announcers noted that he will be appearing on IMPACT WRESTLING on Thursday night. During the bout, it was hard to tell whether Daniels was more concerned about beating up his former friend AJ Styles or showing Kazarian who was in control of their partnership. After his midsection was brutalized by his former friends, AJ was able to make the hot tag to Mr. Anderson. A few minutes later, AJ made a blind tag into the bout which surprised Kazarian. Kazarian tried for the Fade to Black but AJ was able to reverse it into the Styles Clash to get the win for his team. Winners: AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson

Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle - After hitting Jeff with three German Suplexes, Kurt went for the Angle Slam. Jeff reversed it into the Twist of Fate. When he went for the Swanton Bomb, Kurt followed him up the ropes and delivered a suplex. He then put Jeff into the ankle lock. After escaping from the move, Jeff hit another Twist of Fate but could only get a 2 count. The action went outside of the ring where Kurt was bloodied up by the ring steps. When they got back into the ring, Kurt got his knees up when Jeff went for the Swanton. Jeff was then able to kick out of the Angle Slam. After choking Jeff with his own arm band, Kurt went for another Angle Slam but Jeff reversed it into a Twist of Fate. Jeff was finally able to hit the Swanton Bomb and put his back onto Kurt for a pin attempt. However, Kurt rolled Jeff over and used the ropes for leverage to get the win. Winner: Kurt Angle

- In a backstage interview, Sting said something in reply to Jeremy Borash that I totally agree with. When asked a question sent in by a fan via Twitter, Sting said that he is sick of Twittering. After all the Twitter nonsense I've been subjected to tonight, I feel the same exact way.

Non-title No Holds Barred Falls Count Anywhere Match: TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode vs. Sting - Towards the end of the bout, the champion brought a chair into the ring and put it in the seated position. When Sting went for the Scorpion Death Drop, Sting's head landed directly on the top of the chair. Because he knocked himself out, Bobby Roode easily able to get the pin. Following the bout, the champion beat up the referee and grabbed another chair despite what Dixie Carter ordered. He then tossed Dixie into the ring and called her the "b" word before whacking Sting in the back with the chair. He pushed Dixie Carter away a few times while he duck taped Sting's arm to the ring ropes. After dragging Dixie by the hair around the ring, she was able to crawl on top of Sting to save him from getting hit with a chair. He then humiliated both of them by smearing Sting's makeup onto her face. Winner: Bobby Roode

What does this event mean for the future?
The road to Lockdown went through Victory Road tonight. We know that the main event of TNA's all-steel cage match event will feature Bobby Roode defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against James Storm. One of the yearly highlights of Lockdown is the multi-faction Lethal Lockdown match. I'm curious to see how the Dixie Carter angle will play out for that match since the champion is already scheduled for another bout.

There is one thing I hope this show doesn't mean for the future. Just as the WWE has finally been curtailing their Twitter fascination to a reasonable level, TNA went nuts with Twitter tonight and took it to annoying new levels. I wrote the following after watching WWE TLC 2011 and am repeating it here because my feeling is the same as it was then: "Do people really spend $50 on these shows and then hang out on Twitter and social media sites? I know that I have to spend my time on a computer during these shows as a part of my job but I can't figure out why anyone else would want to do that. Maybe it's a generational thing that I just don't understand." Although, according to Taz there is an 85-year old Sting fan that might not agree with my generational comment.

Overall Thoughts
One of my complaints about TNA over the years has been that they pull out all the stops for their "Big 3" events and just go through the motions for the other nine shows. This show is a major exception to that rule and hopefully a sign that the new writing team might be able to turn things around for the company from a creative aspect. Most of the usual complaints about TNA events were not on display here. There weren't multiple matches with the same finish. There wasn't excessive outside interference in the matches. And there wasn't the obligatory ref bump in the main event. More importantly, there seems to be a sense of long-term thinking as the storylines develop.

Inside of the ring, I thought the wrestlers brought there A-games. This was the most I enjoyed a Sting bout since he joined TNA. As much as I enjoyed the final bout and the post-match storytelling after it, I was blown away by the Jeff Hardy-Kurt Angle match. It's hard to believe that at this show last year, Jeff's career hit a low-point. If you bought this show, I think you made a wise decision. If you haven't been following the company, I think now might be a good time to start watching them again. Even though it is WrestleMania season, I have to admit that I am looking more forward to watching IMPACT WRESTLING on Thursday night than I am to watching WWE programming on Monday and Friday night.

Match Results

  • #1 Contender's Match: James Storm beat Bully Ray
  • X Division Championship: Champion Austin Aries beat Zema Ion
  • TNA Tag Team Championship: Champions Samoa Joe & Magnus beat Matt Morgan & Crimson
  • Open Challenge for the Television Championship: Devon beat Robbie E to win the title
  • Knockouts Championship: Champion Gail Kim beat Madison Rayne
  • AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson beat Christopher Daniels & Kazarian
  • Kurt Angle beat Jeff Hardy
  • No Holds Barred Falls Count Anywhere Non-Title Match: Bobby Roode beat Sting
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