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TNA Sacrifice 2012 PPV Recap and Results


TNA Sacrifice 2012 PPV Recap and Results

TNA Sacrifice 2012 PPV Poster

© 2012 TNA Entertainment, LLC.
Sacrifice 2012 took place on May 13, 2012, at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Mike Tenay and Taz were the commentators for this show.

TNA Tag Team Championship: Champions Samoa Joe & Magnus vs. Daniels & Kazarian - The champions were able to hit their snap mare/elbow drop combination on Christopher Daniels but Kazarian was able to interrupt their pin fall attempt. A few moments later, the challengers hit Magnus with a high/low combination to get win both the match and the titles. Winners and New Champions: Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

Knockouts Championship: Champion Gail Kim vs. Brooke Tessmacher - When the champion went for her finishing maneuver, Eat Defeat, Brooke reversed the move and hit the champion with her own finishing maneuver. However, the force of the move knocked Gail Kim out of the ring. Moments after the challenger brought the champion back into the ring, Gail took down Brooke with a double leg takedown and then used the ropes for leverage to get the win. Winner: Gail Kim

Television Championship: Champion Devon vs. Robbie E vs. Robbie T - The two challengers began the bout by double teaming Devon. Their teamwork dissolved once Robbie T went for a cover. Devon took advantage of the dissension in the ranks and rolled up Robbie T to get the win. Following the match, Robbie E and Robbie T made up and hugged one another. Winner: Devon

Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson - Jeff's arm was hurt early in the bout. Despite that, he was able to hit Mr. Anderson with the Mic Check but was only able to get a 2 count. Not to be outdone, Mr. Anderson hit Jeff with the Twist of Fate but he could only get a count of 2. The end saw Jeff go for a double leg drop on the abdomen of Mr. Anderson. Mr. Anderson reversed the move into a pinning combination and got a three count despite Jeff obviously kicking out at the count of 2. Winner: Mr. Anderson

Crimson vs. ??? - Crimson issued an open challenge to the locker room. It was answered by Eric Young who brought his wife, ODB, to the ring with him. During the match, Crimson shoved ODB to the ground. When Eric was able to gain an advantage, he checked on his wife. That allowed Crimson to hit the Red Sky to get the victory. Winner: Crimson

Non-title Match: X Division Champion Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray - The tide of this match turned when A Double went to the top rope and was kicked off of it by Bully Ray. When he got back up, Austin's back was covered in bruises from his crash to the floor. Bully Ray was in charge of the bout but was distracted by Chris Park. He went into the crowd and pulled Abyss' "brother" through the guard rail. With his focus away from Austin, the X Division Champion hit a splash through the ropes on his larger opponent. He was able to hit Bully Ray with the brain buster but wasn't able to get the win with his finishing maneuver. However, he was able to make the bully tap out to the Last Chancery. Winner: Austin Aries

AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle - After 20 minutes of action, the tag team champions made their way to ringside and tripped AJ Styles which neither Kurt or the referee noticed. Kurt was then able to hit the Angle Slam but Aj kicked out at 2. Kurt then applied the Ankle Lock and AJ tapped out. Following the match, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian beat up AJ but their attack was stopped by Kurt Angle. Kurt then helped AJ to his feet and the two men hugged. Winner: Kurt Angle

Ladder Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Bobby Roode vs. Rob Van Dam - The beginning of the end for RVD was when he placed the champion on a ladder and then missed the 5 Star Frog Splash. The champion then went to climb a ladder but RVD jumped onto it from outside of the ring. While he was able to get the ladder down, RVD got his leg stuck in the ladder and appeared to hurt his knee when it went down. The champion then went to climb another ladder which RVD also climbed up. Roode was able to knock RVD off of this one and RVD's head landed on top of another ladder. The champion was then able to finish climbing the ladder and retrieved the title. Winner: Bobby Roode

What does this event mean for the future?
Not much. This was just a show designed to kill a month of pay-per-view as the company transitioned from last month's Lockdown event to Slammiversary X next month.

Overall Thoughts
TNA has 3 big events a year (Lockdown, Slammiversary, and Bound for Glory). The company has done a horrible job of spacing them apart from one another as Sacrifice is the only pay-per-view between Lockdown and Slammiversary. Because of that, this event just felt like filler.

That is a shame because this wasn't a bad show. While nothing was bad on this show, there was nothing on this show that was worth missing spending time with your mother on this holiday either. If you ordered this pay-per-view, I think you got what was to be expected from it.

Match Results

  • TNA Tag Team Championship: Christopher Daniels & Kazarian beat Samoa Joe & Magnus to win the titles
  • TNA Knockouts Championship: Champion Gail Kim beat Brooke Tessmacher
  • TNA Television Championship: Champion Devon beat Robbie E & Robbie T
  • Mr. Anderson beat Jeff Hardy
  • Crimson beat Eric Young
  • Non-title Match: X Division Champion Austin Aries beat Bully Ray
  • Kurt Angle beat AJ Styles
  • Ladder Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Bobby Roode beat Rob Van Dam
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