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TNA HardCORE Justice 2012 PPV Recap and Results


TNA HardCORE Justice 2012 PPV Recap and Results

TNA World Champion Austin Aries

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HardCORE Justice 2012 took place on August 12, 2012, at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Mike Tenay and Taz were the commentators for this show.

Kid Kash & Gunner vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez - Hernandez dominated both of his opponents after he got the hot tag from Chavo. When Hernandez dove onto Gunner outside of the ring, Chavo tagged himself back into the match. Hernandez then smashed Kid Kash when he got back into the ring and Chavo followed that with a Frog Splash on Kid Kash to get the win for his team. Winners: Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez

Bound for Glory Series Falls Count Anywhere Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson vs. D'Angelo Dinero - When the Pope's music hit, he didn't come out. Cameras went to the back where D'Angelo was shown being attacked by Aces & Eights. He appeared to suffer a shoulder injury and never made it to the ring for this match. RVD was able to hit the 5-Star on Mr. Anderson but was pulled out of the ring by Magnus when he went for the pin. Magnus tried to use a chair on RVD but RVD turned the tables and hit him with the Van Daminator to get the pin on top of the ring entrance ramp. By winning this match, RVD got 20 points and is now in second place in the Bound for Glory Series. Winner: Rob Van Dam

Television Championship: Champion Devon vs. Kazarian - This match was added to the show earlier in the day. Along with Christopher Daniels, Kazarian is one-half of the "World Tag Team Champions of the World". Kazarian tried for the Fade to Black but Devon was able to counter the move and then slammed Kazarian to the mat to get the win. Winner: Devon

TNA Knockouts Championship: Champion Miss Tessmacher vs. Madison Rayne - The referee for this match Earl Hebner, also happens to be going out with Madison Rayne. After hitting Madison Rayne with an elbow off the top rope, Earl Hebner stopped the pinfall count when Madison put her foot on the rope. By the time Miss Tessmacher looked up, Madison's foot was off the rope and she started to argue with Earl. Madison took advantage of the argument and rolled up the champion and used the ropes for leverage to get the pin. Replays showed that the referee never saw Madison's hand on the rope. Winner & New Champion: Madison Rayne

Bound for Glory Series Tables Match: Bully Ray vs. James Storm vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Robbie E - Jeff Hardy and James Storm gave Bully Ray a double suplex. While they were doing this, Robbie E moved the table away and Bully Ray cracked the corner of the table a corner of it. The referees rules that the match was not over because he didn't go through the table. Later on in the match, Robbie E put Jeff Hardy on top of a table that was set up outside of the ring and then dove off the ropes. Jeff moved and Robbie crashed through the table but since he drove himself through it the match continued. Bully Ray was close to victory over James Storm when Aces and Eights came out and distracted Bully Ray. That allowed James Storm to hit the Last Call Superkick. The group then gave a confused looking James Storm a thumbs up gesture. A few minutes later, Jeff Hardy was about to put Storm through a table when Aces and Eights came out again. That allowed Storm to hit Hardy with the Last Call. In all of the confusion, Bully Ray was able to toss Storm out of the ring and then gave Hardy a Bully Bomb through the table to get the win and earn 20 points. Winner: Bully Ray

X Division Championship: Champion Zema Ion vs. Kenny King - During the match, Zema Ion had his bottom lip busted open. King came very close to winning the title on several occasions. The finish saw King go for a high-impact move in the corner that Zema Ion countered to get the win. Despite losing the match, Kenny King made a great impression. Winner: Zema Ion

Bound for Glory Series Ladder Match: AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe - AJ appeared close to winning the match when Daniels pushed him off the ladder. AJ took a scary looking bump outside of the ring where he landed on his head/neck area. Kurt and Samoa Joe then played a game of can you top this by giving Daniels many different variations of the suplex. They then skewered Daniels in the middle of the ladder and took turns kicking him. Kurt and Samoa Joe then fought on top of two ladders and Joe won the battle. However, before he could grab the ladder, AJ appeared out of nowhere and sprung up from the ropes to the top of the ladder and grabbed the papers to earn 20 points. Winner: AJ Styles

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode - On Thursday night, Austin Aries agreed to give up his guaranteed championship rematch clause and Roode also agreed that he wouldn't get a rematch. It also appears that the winner of this match will go on to defend the title in the main event at Bound for Glory in two months. Both men were able to put each other in their finishing submission holds but neither man would tap out. Aries tried for the Brain Buster but with his weakened arm he couldn't hit the move. That allowed Roode to hit a spinebuster but he couldn't get the win. Roode tried for a superplex but missed the move. Aries tried for a 450 splash but Roode got his knees up. Roode then tried to spear the champion but hit the referee by mistake. Roode was then able to hit the move but there was no referee in the ring to make the count. By the time a new referee came into the ring, Aries was able to kick out. Aries then tried for a Brain Buster but Roode pushed Aries into the referee. Aries then hit the Brain Buster but there was no referee to make the count and by the time the first referee recovered Roode was able to kick out. The ending saw Robert Roode hit a superplex and the two men both had their shoulders on the mat. Each referee counted a different man's shoulder down. When the referees couldn't decide who won the match, Senior Official Earl Hebner made his way down to the ring. He ruled that the match would restart. Aries charged at the champion outside of the ring and wound up crashing into the ring belt that was in Roode's hand. Roode was unable to pin the seemingly unconscious champion. Roode got into a shoving match with the referee and then went to pick up the champion. Aries was able to roll up Roode to get the win. Winner: Austin Aries

What does this event mean for the future?
If the stipulations for the main event hold true, then Austin Aries has finished with Bobby Roode and will seemingly have to wait two months to see who he will be facing at Bound For Glory. The next few weeks will all be about the Bound for Glory Series where the standings were shaken up after tonight's three 20-point matches. And of course, the Aces and Eights loom over everything and everyone in the company.

Next month's pay-per-view, No Surrender will feature the conclusion of the Bound for Glory Series. The men that finish in the top four of the series over the next few weeks will go onto fight each other in the finals at that show.

Overall Thoughts
This was a tale of two shows. The show got off to a pretty slow start but picked up big-time during the Tables Matches. If you paid for this one, I think you got your money's worth.

Match Results

  • Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez beat Kid Kash & Gunner
  • Falls Count Anywhere Match: Rob Van Dam beat Mr. Anderson & Gunner
  • Television Championship: Champion Devon beat Kazarian
  • Knockouts Championship: Madison Rayne beat Miss Tessmacher to win the title
  • Tables Match: Bully Ray beat James Storm, Jeff Hardy, & Robbie E
  • X Division Championship: Zema Ion beat Kenny King
  • Ladder Match: AJ Styles beat Kurt Angle, Christopher Daniels, & Samoa Joe
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Austin Aries beat Bobby Roode
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