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TNA Bound for Glory 2012 PPV Recap and Results


TNA Bound for Glory 2012 PPV Recap and Results

Jeff Hardy

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Bound for Glory 2012 took place on October 14, 2012, at The Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix, Arizona. Mike Tenay and Taz were the commentators for this show.

- The ringside area was set up a little bit differently for this event. The ramp from the back of the arena extended to the ring so there was no need to climb up any steps to enter the ring from that side of the arena. In addition, the commentary table was set up at ringside.

X Division Championship: Champion Zema Ion vs. Rob Van Dam - The beginning of the end saw RVD toss Zema Ion up in the air and hit a drop kick on him while he was falling back to the mat. RVD then followed that with the Rolling Thunder and the 5-Star Frog Splash to get the win. Winner and New Champion: Rob Van Dam

Television Championship: Champion Samoa Joe vs. Magnus - Joe was in control of the match when he went for the Muscle Buster which Magnus countered by raking the eyes. With Joe down on the mat, Magnus hit an elbow off the top rope but Joe was able to kick out at two. Joe then let out a primal scream and applied the Kokina Clutch twice but Magnus was able to the move each time. Magnus then went for a figure four leg lock but Joe reversed it into the Kokina Clutch. The third time proved the be the charm for Joe as Magnus tapped out to the move this time. Winner: Samoa Joe

Street Fight Featuring King Mo as the Special Guest Referee: James Storm vs. Bobby Roode - The head of James Storm got busted open badly after he was catapulted into the ring post. The two men brawled on the ramp and destroyed the Spanish announcers table. Things took a dangerous turn when Roode brought a bag of thumbtacks into the ring. He tried to superplex Storm onto them but the move was countered and Roode was pushed onto the tacks from the top rope. Moments later, Roode hit a low blow and then brought a six-pack into the ring. When he went to smash Storm in the head with a bottle, Storm hit his former partner with a low blow. Storm then grabbed his own bottle and smashed his former partner in the head with it. He then delivered the his second Last Call Super Kick of the match. This one caused Roode to fall into the tacks again. Storm then covered his former partner to get the win. Winner: James Storm

Al Snow vs. Joey Ryan - If Joey Ryan wins, he will get the full-time contract with TNA that he has been seeking. The bout began with Al giving the "rookie" a wrestling clinic. Later in the bout, Al brought out "Head" from under the ring. The referee grabbed Head away from Al before he could use her and in the process the referee got knocked out. Al Snow had Joey Ryan trapped in the ring apron and was about to hit Joey Ryan with "Head" when Matt Morgan appeared and gave Al Snow a Carbon Footprint. That allowed Joey to make the pin and earn the contract. Following the match, Matt and Joey shook hands. Winner: Joey Ryan

TNA Tag Team Championship: Champions Christopher Daniels & Kazarian vs. AJ Styles & Kurt Angle vs. Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero - The rules of this match stipulated that only two men could be in the ring at the same time. That led to some interesting tagging scenarios in the beginning of the match. Kazarian took a scary bump when he went for a head scissors-like move from the top rope onto Hernandez who was on the ring apron that drove them both to the floor. Kazarian recovered from that move and seemed on the verge of victory when Daniels hit the BME on AJ Styles. Daniels then went for the Angels Wings which AJ countered into an inverted DDT. When AJ went for the Styles Clash, he accidentally tagged Hernandez into the match. Hernandez hit Daniels with a Border Toss followed by Chavo hitting the five-star which allowed Hernandez to score the winning pin fall on Christopher Daniels. Winners and New Champions: Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez

TNA Knockouts Championship: Champion Miss Tessmacher vs. Tara - After Miss Tessmacher missed an elbow off the top rope, Tara gave her the Widow's Peak to get the win. Tara then got on the microphone and introduced us to her Hollywood boyfriend, "Mr. Pectacular" Jessie Godderz from Big Brother. Winner and New Champion: Tara

- Footage from Sting getting inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame last night was shown.

No Disqualification Match: Aces & Eights vs. Sting & Bully Ray - If Aces & Eights wins then they get full access to TNA, however if they lose the group will go away. Showing solidarity as teammates, Bully Ray had his face pained as old-school Sting while Sting wore a Bully Ray shirt. Aces & Eights brought their hostage, Joesph Parks, to the ringside area and handcuffed him to the guardrail. The bikers worked over Sting until hea hit the Scorpion Death Drop and was able to make the hot tag to Bully Ray. When Bully was about to hit one of them with a chair, a third member of Aces & Eights entered the match. After being spit on, Joesph Parks broke out of his handcuffs and beat the third member of the group all the way to the back of the arena. Sting and Bully Ray hit one of the members with the Doomsday Device. After hitting the other member of the group with the Stinger Splash, Bully Ray got the table. They took too long and a fourth member of the group appeared and tossed Bully Ray through the table to get the win for the group. After several more members of the gang appeared, Hulk Hogan came out and beat all but one of them up before he even got to the ring. He beat up the last guy and unmasked him. The man under the mask was Devon. Winners: Aces & Eights

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy - Aries was very cocky in this match and that seemed to throw Jeff off of his game. Aries spent most of the match being able to keep Jeff grounded. Jeff started to fly once he countered the Last Chancery. Aries was also able to do some damage off of the ground and delivered a punishing suicide dive onto Jeff that almost resulted in a count out victory for the champion. Austin broke up the count to hit a second one but was unable to get the pin. The champion then put Jeff into the Last Chancery which Jeff was able to get out of by reaching the ropes. Austin then delivered a nasty looking move that resulted in the back of Jeff's head smashing into the lip of the platform connecting the ring to the ramp. Jeff was able to recover and hit the Whisper in the Wind but couldn't get the pin from that move. The battle then went to the top rope where Austin was able to hit a jumping top rope Frankensteiner. The champion then hit a drop kick and followed that with the Brain Buster which somehow Jeff was able to kick out of. After Austin missed a double foot stomp, Jeff hit a Whisper in the Wind and then a Swanton Bomb to get the win. Winner and New Champion: Jeff Hardy

What does this event mean for the future?
The big story is that Aces & Eights now has full access to TNA. While one member was revealed, it is still a mystery as to why Devon joined the group and who is their leader. I expect that this storyline will dominate the company until Lockdown.

The other big story is that the final chapter in the story of the professional redemption of Jeff Hardy took place. Almost two years ago, Jeff's battles with his demons became public and he appeared in the main event of a show in no condition to wrestle. After destroying that pay-per-view event and then spending some time in jail, Jeff has straightened his life out.

Overall Thoughts
Great show and well worth paying for. In addition to some great matches (in particular the Street Fight and the main event), the crowd was awesome for this show. Taking this show out of the iMPACT! Zone was a great idea and hopefully the success of this show will lead to more pay-per-view events being filmed on the road. The only downer of the show was the awkward situation when Devon was revealed as a member of Aces & Eights. While more names will eventually be revealed for the group, I am sure that many people were hoping for a bigger name to appear when Hulk pulled the mask off.

Match Results

  • X Division Championship: Rob Van Dam beat Zema Ion to win the title
  • Television Championship: Champion Samoa Joe beat Magnus
  • Street Fight Featuring King Mo as the Special Enforcer: James Storm beat Bobby Roode
  • Joey Ryan beat Al Snow
  • TNA Tag Team Championship: Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez beat Tag Team Champions Christopher Daniels & Kazarian and AJ Styles & Kurt Angle to win the titles
  • Knockouts Championship: Tara won the title from Miss Tessmacher
  • No Disqualification Match: Aces & Eights beat Sting & Bully Ray
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Jeff Hardy won the title from Austin Aries
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