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WWE Night of Champions 2011 PPV Recap and Results

WWE Night of Champions 2011 PPV Recap and Results


WWE Night of Champions 2011 PPV Recap and Results

WWE COO Triple H

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
- Night of Champions 2011 took place on September 18, 2011, at the First Niagra Center in Buffalo, New York. The announcers for this show were Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole, and Booker T.

WWE Tag Team Championship: Champions Air Boom (Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne) vs. Awesome Truth The Miz & R-Truth - During the bout, when the referee was distracted, Air Boom made an illegal tag. The referee was fooled by Evan Bourne slapping his hands together. A few minutes later, the referee missed a legal tag between the Miz and R-Truth. Moments later, the Miz hit Evan Bourne with the Skull Crushing Finale but the referee was too busy admonishing R-Truth about his missed legal tag to count the pin fall. When Evan Bourne kicked out due to the referee's delay, the Miz lost his cool and shoved the referee to the mat. Winners: Air Boom by DQ

Intercontinental Championship: Champion Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase - After getting several near pin falls with moves that might have given him the win if not for Cody Rhodes mask, Ted yanked off the protective mask of Cody Rhodes. Ted tried to hit him with it but Cody ducked and then rolled up Ted and got the win with the aid of a handful of tights. Winner: Cody Rhodes

- Christian came to the ring and complained about not being on tonight's show. He challenged the winner of tonight's Randy Orton-Mark Henry match to a match tonight. While he was out begging for one more match, he was interrupted by Sheamus. Sheamus made a deal with Christian that if he could get him one more title match and Christian won the belt then Sheamus would be given the first title shot. Sheamus then gave Christian the Brogue Kick.

Fatal 4-Way Match for the US Championship: Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger vs. John Morrison vs. Alex Riley - Vickie Guerrero came to the ring with Dolph Ziggler but she also had a rooting interest in Jack Swagger winning this bout. At one point, Jack Swagger was almost pinned by Alex Riley but Vickie put his foot under the rope. Even though that move saved the title for Dolph, he started screaming at Vickie. The finish saw Jack Swagger hit John Morrison with the gut wrench power bomb. Dolph ran into the ring, knocked Swagger out of the ring, and then pinned John Morrison to retain the title. Winner: Dolph Ziggler

World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry - When Randy Orton went for his middle rope DDT, he was unable to hit the move because of the size of Mark Henry. Moments later, Mark Henry hit the World's Strongest Slam but Randy kicked out. The tide of the match turned when Mark Henry missed his splash off the middle rope. Randy was able to hit the middle rope DDT but Mark Henry was able to kick out of the pin attempt. When Randy went to follow that move, Mark Henry kicked the knee of Randy Orton which injured Randy. Randy went for an RKO but Mark Henry easily tossed him away. Mark Henry then hit the World's Strongest Slam to get the win. Winner and New Champion: Mark Henry

- In the back, Alberto Del Rio was complaining to John Laurinaitis about having to team with his ring announcer on Monday night. John said that was Triple H's decision. After Del Rio left, he came across CM Punk. He wished him good luck but Punk, who was wearing a shirt with a CM Punk ice cream bar on it, wasn't buying it.

Divas Championship: Champion Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix - Eve Torres escorted Kelly Kelly to the ring while Beth Phoenix was escorted to the ring by Natalya. Because this event was in Buffalo, the hometown of Beth Phoenix, the crowd was behind the challenger. Beth Phoenix looked like she was going to win the bout after hitting a superplex off the top rope. After Kelly kicked out, Beth went for the Glam Slam. Kelly reversed the move and rolled up Beth Phoenix to get the win. Winner: Kelly Kelly

WWE Championship: Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena - Prior to the bout, John Cena took Alberto's yellow Ferrari for a joyride and entered the arena in it. A furious Alberto Del Rio was escorted to the ring by Ricardo Rodriguez. A few minutes into the bout, Ricardo was removed from the ringside area when the referee correctly suspected that he tripped John Cena. Cena's strength advantage came into play when he was trapped in the cross arm breaker and turned it into a power bomb. Cena then hit the Attitude Adjustment but didn't get the win because Ricardo Rodriguez came back to ringside. After taking care of Ricardo, John Cena put the champion in the STF and got the win. Winner and New Champion: John Cena

No DQ Match With Triple H's Reign as COO on the Line: CM Punk vs. Triple H - After CM Punk jumped off the top rope and drove Triple H through the announce table and both men got back into the ring, the Miz and R-Truth stormed the ring. They beat up both men but then put Punk on top of Triple H. After Triple H kicked out at 2, Awesome Truth beat up the referee. After they were cleared from the ring by Triple H and CM Punk, Triple H could have pinned Punk after hitting him with a Pedigree but the referee was stopped from going into the ring by John Laurinaitis so he could check on the other referee. Punk then gave Triple H the Go To Sleep but was pulled out of the ring by R-Truth before the referee could make the three-count. Triple H then hit Punk with another Pedigree but only got a 2-count. John Laurinaitis then appeared to be texting someone and Kevin Nash appeared through the crowd. He went after both men in the ring. When Nash tried to power bomb Triple H, Punk made the save and was power bombed by Nash. Nash then went after Triple H and was about to do something to him involving the announcer's table but Triple H leveled him with a sledgehammer. Triple H then went back into the ring and hit Punk with another Pedigree to get the win. Winner: Triple H

What does this event mean for the future?
In two weeks, the WWE returns to PPV with Hell in a Cell. After tonight's show, I fully expect that we will be seeing two world title rematches from this show taking place inside of the cell.
Even though this event was called Night of Champions, it was the one match that wasn't for a title that has left us with many questions that need to be answered due to Kevin Nash, the Miz, and R-Truth beating up both men and seemingly not caring who won the match at different points. However, it was made obvious tonight that John Laurinaitis is working against his boss, Triple H, and is in collusion with Kevin Nash. Is Laurinaitis looking out for himself or is he under orders from Vince McMahon to regain control of his company for him? I'm really looking forward to RAW tomorrow night to get some answers.

Overall Thoughts
For the third straight show, the WWE has delivered on PPV. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night was the Divas match which was shockingly good and featured a very loud crowd.
One of the biggest questions going into this show for me was whether Alberto Del Rio could perform in a main event caliber match. Despite losing his match, his performance tonight was worthy of the spot in the card. I hope to see him in many more main event title bouts in the future.
I feel awkward to say this because I never wish harm on anyone, but I would be remiss if I didn't take note of the commentary for this show. For quite sometime, I have been complaining about the state of the announcing at these events. The commentary for this show got much better when Michael Cole lost his voice. That allowed Lawler and Booker T to focus on the action in the ring instead of trading stupid barbs with Cole that takes away from the action.
If you bought this show, I think you made the right decision and got your money's worth.

Match Results

  • WWE Tag Team Championship: Air Boom (Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne) beat Awesome Truth (The Miz & R-Truth) by DQ
  • Intercontinental Championship: Champion Cody Rhodes beat Ted DiBiase
  • Fatal 4-Way Match for the US Championship: Champion Dolph Ziggler beat Jack Swagger, John Morrison, and Alex Riley
  • World Heavyweight Championship: Mark Henry beat Randy Orton to win the title
  • Divas Championship: Champion Kelly Kelly beat Beth Phoenix
  • WWE Championship: John Cena beat Alberto Del Rio to win the title
  • No DQ Match With Triple H's Reign as COO on the Line: Triple H beat CM Punk
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