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Eric Cohen

TNA Genesis 2013 PPV Predictions

By January 10, 2013

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On Sunday night, TNA Wrestling presents their first pay-per-view event of 2013, Genesis. To get you excited for Sunday's show, TNA is offering streaming Genesis 2011 for free on both TNA On Demand and on YouTube.com. That event featured Matt Morgan and Mr. Anderson battle each other for the right to fight TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy later in the show. This year's show also features two men gunning for Jeff's title but this time all of them will be in the ring at the same time in an Elimination Match.

Before I get to this event, I have to discuss a major announcement that TNA made earlier today. They have changed their pay-per-view strategy. The days of 12 monthly live pay-per-view events are over. The company will only be presenting four live shows via the traditional pay-per-view method in 2013. In addition to this show, the other three events will be Lockdown (March 10), Slammiversary (June 9), and Bound For Glory (October 13).

Starting in April, during month's when there are no live pay-per-view events, the company will present a new series of pay-per-view specials which will be branded TNA Wrestling: One Night Only. Because these three-hour shows will be taped in advance, they will be offered for a cheaper price. The shows will premiere on the first Friday of each month. The first two specials will be dubbed Joker's Wild Tag Team Tournament and X-travaganza. Both of these shows will feature the X Division and will both be filmed over the weekend.

The company's Unfinished Business one-hour long on demand pay-per-view series will be unaffected by these changes. That series, which focuses on either a historic rivalry or a specific pay-per-view event will still be available for two months at a time.

Overall, I like the idea of trimming down the live pay-per-view offerings as many times it seemed as though the company only focused their efforts on a few shows of the year and the other ones were held because they contractually needed to put some programming on. However, I'm not excited about having to wait until May to see an event being filmed this weekend.

As an example of a show that feels like it is just there because something needed to be broadcast, I present this show. The focus of tonight's edition of IMPACT WRESTLING wasn't making me interested in ordering Genesis, it was all about tuning into next week's show. For those that missed the ending of tonight's program, Bully Ray proposed to Brooke Hogan and the wedding will be taking place next week.

X Division Tournament Final: Christian York vs. Kenny King - The winner of this match will get a title shot against Rob Van Dam later on in the show. Since Kenny King recently beat RVD in a non-title match, I'm picking him to get a shot at the title during this show. Predicted Winner: Kenny King

X Division Championship: Champion Rob Van Dam vs. Winner of the X Division Tournament - Last month at Final Resolution, RVD successfully defended the title against Kenny King and then lost the previously mentioned match. I like Kenny King to win the rubber match in this series and also turn heel in this bout as he seems to be showing a bit of an attitude over the past few weeks. If I happened to be wrong about the winner of the prior match, I'd pick RVD to successfully retain the title against Christian York. Predicted Winner: Kenny King or RVD depending on who wins the prior match

#1 Contender's Gauntlet Match: Gail Kim vs. ODB vs. Miss Tessmacher vs. Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky - Because the company made a big deal about Velvet's return to the company a few weeks ago, I'm picking her to win this match and eventually winning the title from Tara. Predicted Winner: Velvet Sky

TNA World Tag Team Championship: Champions Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan - Matt Morgan's return to the company needs something major to happen soon before it flops. Things started off great with him interfering in random matches and then his stealing of Hulk Hogan's gear that he wore against Andre the Giant at Shea Stadium in 1980. However, Matt is nowhere near the current title scene and doesn't seem to fit into the other main event storyline involving Aces & Eights. Matt dominating tag team wrestling again seems like a repeat of the treadmill his career has been on but it is still better than him floundering around as the sidekick in a comedy act that can't win a title. Predicted Winners: Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan

Christopher Daniels vs. James Storm - While James Storm is on the cusp of the title scene, Christopher Daniels the perfect foil for him while all the controversy around the title continues. I think that this match is just the beginning of a feud that will eventually feature AJ Styles. Because Kazarian will probably be at ringside for Daniels, I'm picking one-half of the former World Tag Team Champions of the World to win this match due to outside interference. Predicted Winner: Christopher Daniels

Non-title Match: Television Champion Devon vs. Joseph Park - I have a basic rule of thumb when I do these predictions, whenever a champion's title is not on the line he will lose the match. Predicted Winner: Joseph Park

Sting vs. D.O.C. - In a one-on-one setting without the possibility of interference, I would always pick Sting to beat D.O.C. However, there are a few factors working against the Stinger in this one. Aces & Eights has full access to the iMPACT Zone and there is no doubt that the brotherhood of bikers will be involved in this one. Also, Sting is not out for a victory, he wants revenge. As he showed tonight, he is not afraid to use the hammer. I can see Sting giving up several opportunities to pin D.O.C. so he can deliver more punishment. That will cause Aces & Eights to come down to the ring to save their brother which will then lead to Kurt Angle's friends trying to stop them. In all the confusion, Mr. Anderson will be the difference maker and cause Sting to lose in a huge upset. Predicted Winner: D.O.C.

Elimination Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries - Literally, the million dollar question here is whether Jeff Hardy has resigned with the company. His contract expires this month and I'm sure WWE wouldn't mind signing the huge merchandise seller now that his past problems can't impact any political campaigns. My gut feeling is that Jeff stays with TNA. Jeff latest love outside the ring is his music and due to the lighter schedule TNA offers it just makes sense to continue with TNA. Since I think that Jeff is going to resign with the company, I also think that he will retain the title. Predicted Winner: Jeff Hardy

Photo: 2013 TNA Entertainment, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


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