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WWE Tryout Information


WWE Tryout Information

World Wrestling Entertainment will be holding a tryout for potential WWE Superstars on February 22 and February 23 in Louisville, Kentucky. Based upon the email I receive, there is no doubt that some of you that read the previous sentence have hopes that they can just show up with zero wrestling experience and will be wrestling on Monday Night RAW next week. Nothing could be further from the truth. One of the good things about this tryout is that some of the qualifications for even getting a shot to become a WWE Superstar have become public.

This event is being run in conjunction with Ohio Valley Wrestling, the company and school that helped shape the careers of stars like John Cena, Randy Orton, and Brock Lesnar. This tryout is limited to only 100 people. While it is not known what factors their decisions are based on, questions asked of potential WWE Superstars include inquiries about where you currently work for and for how long you have been wrestling. Of the 100 people invited to the tryout (at a cost of $100), some will not be invited to day two of the tryout. Day 2 will be scouted by John Laurinaitis, the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations for WWE.

To even be considered to be asked for an invitation, you have to be a registered wrestler in the state of Kentucky. For information about registering for both a chance to enter this tryout camp and getting a license in Kentucky, check out the website of Ohio Valley Wrestling.

If you are interested in becoming a pro wrestler, I have written several articles on the subject. Information included in these articles describe what makes a wrestling school worthy of your money, which schools are the most successful at getting their students a job in a major wrestling company, and most importantly advice from the stars you wish to be like. Click here to learn more about these topics.

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