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Eric Cohen

Reid Flair Arrested for Heroin Possession

By April 28, 2009

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21-year old Richard Reid Fliehr, better known to wrestling fans as Reid Flair, was arrested over the weekend. Four charges were filed against him. The most serious was a felony charge of heroin possession. The other three charges were for driving under the influence, driving with a revoked license, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

This isn't Reid's first run-in with the law. This marks the third time in the past two years that he has been arrested in Mecklenburg County, NC. He was arrested in March for driving under the influence and was arrested in 2007 for two counts of misdemeanor assault. His arrest record can be found here.

Reid has been on the radar of wrestling fans ever since his father, Ric Flair, was suspended by WCW for attending one of his amateur wrestling matches in 1998. Reid wrestled a few times on television for WCW. As a 10-year old, he pinned Eric Bischoff in a match on Nitro and a few years later he teamed with his father during his feud against Vince Russo and David Flair.

After the closing of WCW, Reid wasn't heard from again until last year during the weekend of WrestleMania XXIV which saw the retirement of his father. In December, he wrestled in his "debut" match in a tag team match with his brother as they beat The Nasty Boys in a match where Hulk Hogan was the referee.


October 21, 2009 at 7:33 pm
(1) clinton smith says:

what a waste of talent

July 11, 2012 at 11:22 am
(2) The_Chill_Pill says:

As a recovering addict, I can say that he is likely quite close to hitting his “rock bottom”, or maybe I just hope so. One of the worst things is that he is 21 years old and so he will be losing what should be some of the best years of his life to a drug that is stealing him from himself, mentally and physically. I know because I was an opiate addict from the age of 18 through 22 and it’s almost impossible to look back on those years of my life without seeing them as “wasted” or “thrown away”.

Something that you realize when you get clean, and have been clean for a while, is that WHEN you get clean really does matter! You start to see the people you were using with, especially those who are notably older than yourself (i.e. he’s 21, and likely using with 35-40yr old addicts) as kind of pathetic, and then you realize that YOU were pretty pathetic too.

PLENTY of people manage to break their addiction without the support of family or friends, and I have even seen people with 40+ years of intravenous heroin use break their addiction despite having no family and no friends for support. Don’t think that is common, though; those who have the absolute best chance, by far, of being a success story are those who have a large support system (family and friends) and who have realized deep-down and on-their-own that they NEED HELP.

That is what makes this so terrible, so saddening… This 21yr old young man needs help, although I doubt he’d ever admit that to anyone I also would bet that he very much knows this himself… Yet his “support system” is a 63yr old “father” who is more of a child than his own son!
Honestly, growing up in that household would have led anyone to opiates, I would bet!

I sincerely wish this young man the best, and I hope that he is able to move forward in his life and leave the needle behind.

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