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Eric Cohen

No Mercy Recap

By October 8, 2006

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Who walked out of the fatal-four way as the World Heavyweight Champion? Which wrestler that was not scheduled to fight tonight was involved in multiple sketches and wound up fighting a former World Heavyweight Champion that hasnít been seen in a while?

Non-title Match: Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs Matt Hardy - Just like last monthís Unforgiven PPV event, the opening match of this event features a Hardy brother in a long match. Unlike his brother Jeff last month, Matt Hardy picked up the win this month after hitting the Twist of Fate. Despite this, Jeff has had a much better week. He won the Intercontinental Champion on Monday while Matt just won bragging rights of being the best wrestler on the SmackDown roster to hail from North Carolina. In case you are wondering, without a doubt the best wrestler on the WWE roster to hail from North Carolina is Ric Flair. Winner: Matt Hardy

- King Booker meets with Sir Regal and tells him that it is his mission to find the turncoat Finlay and talk him out of fighting in the main event tonight.

WWE Tag Team Championship: Champions Paul London & Brian Kendrick w/Ashley vs Idol Stevens & KC James w/Michelle McCool - The champs kept the titles when Kendrick pinned Stevens after Paul London hit him with the shooting star press. While that was going on inside the ring, outside of the ring Ashley and Michelle were engaged in a catfight. Since there are no other tag teams on SmackDown, I would expect for there to be a rematch. Being that this was a really good match, I am looking forward to that rematch. Winners: Paul London and Brian Kendrick

- The show went after an alternative demographic with the next two skits. William Regal was in the back and came across Vito who was jump roping in a dress. Vito freaked out Regal when he used his dress to wipe off his sweat. In the process, Vito revealed his thong. Regal ran out of the room in such a panic that he knocked over a condiment tray and was accidentally dumped ketchup and mustard all over himself. The next skit featured the Miz get a lap dance from Layla in the ring as a birthday present. When a blindfold was applied to the Miz, Layla was replaced with the fat guy that has been wearing a banana hammock the past few weeks. Just like Regal did a few minutes earlier, he freaked out when he found out the truth.

Montel Vontavious Porter vs ??? - The big surprise was Marty Garner. Marty is just some random jobber. This was a total squash match. Winner: MVP

- William Regal just finished taking a shower to clean up from his earlier mess. As he was drying off, he saw Vito naked. They exchanged insults about each otherís anatomy until Regal ran out of the locker room with his butt showing. Regal bumped into Teddy Long who told Regal that he would be in a match later tonight. This segment is sure to be talked about for a long time because Sir William suffered a wardrobe malfunction in the locker room and his "royal sword" briefly appeared on the screen.

Non-title Match: The Undertaker vs U.S. Champion Ken Kennedy - Taker dominated the beginning of the match but Mr. Kennedy made a come back. He hit the Kenton Bomb but couldnít get the pin. He brought the U.S. Title into the ring but UT grabbed it and used it. The referee disqualified the Undertaker. The Undertaker was unhappy with the decision and gave the tombstone to both the referee and Mr. Kennedy. Expect a rematch between these men in the near future. Winner: Mr. Kennedy by DQ

Falls Count Anywhere: Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero w/Vickie Guerrero - The rules of this match allowed the men to compete outside of the ring and they took advantage of the opportunity. The entire match was a brawl outside the ring. Rey hit the 619 off of the bleachers and then hit a cross body block off a rail to get the pin. Hopefully this will mark the end of this feud which has been in very poor taste. Winner: Rey Mysterio

William Regal vs ??? - Regalís surprise opponent turns out to be Chris Benoit. Benoitís return to the ring is successful and he won with the crippler cross-face. This was a great match and I am really happy to see Benoit return to the ring. Winner: Chris Benoit

- King Booker approached the bloody William Regal and wanted to know if he completed his mission. Regal tried to explain all the problems he had tonight but the King did not care. Finlay appeared and told his King that he was here tonight to fight and win the title. After Finlay left, the King insulted and then slapped Regal. Regal then decked the King with a big right hand.

Fatal four-way for the World Heavyweight Championship: Champion King Booker vs Lashley vs Batista vs Sir Finlay - The former champion Batista dominated the end of the match. He hit spine busters on all three of his opponents and hit the Batista Bomb on Finlay. Before he could pin Finlay, Lashley hit Batista with the spear which allowed King Booker to pin Finlay to get the win. Winner: King Booker

What does this event mean for future?
This event has left SmackDown with more questions than answers. The Royal Family was the dominant heel group on the show but now their existence is in question. The return of Chris Benoit is a great thing for the brand and it will be interesting to se where he will fit in. Hopefully due to the way that the Rey Mysterio match ended the WWE will finally allow the name and memory of Eddie Guerrero to be treated with the respect that it deserves. The other noticeable thing is that after tonight the number of main event level good guys far outnumbers the heels. With the Survivor Series coming soon and tomorrow nightís RAW featuring SmackDown talent, it appears that for the second year in a row, SmackDown will be portrayed as the good guys in the upcoming feud with RAW.

Overall Thoughts
With the exception of some garbage in the middle of the show, this was a really good event. The wrestlers brought their A-games tonight.

Match Results:

  • Matt Hardy beat Gregory Helms
  • WWE Tag Team Titles: Champs Paul London & Brian Kendrick beat Idol Stevens & KC James
  • MVP beat Marty Garner
  • Mr. Kennedy beat the Undertaker by DQ
  • Falls Count Anywhere: Rey Mysterio beat Chavo Guerrero
  • Chris Benoit beat William Regal
  • Fatal four-way for the World Championship: King Booker beat Finlay, Lashley, and Batista

Photo: (c) World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.


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